Unity vs. Unreal – Choosing a Game Engine

Unity vs. Unreal

When learning game development, people often wonder about what the best game engine is – in fact, we’ve done a whole entire article on the matter. In terms of versatility, power, popularity, and use in the industry – there are two that most people talk about though: the Unity game engine and the Unreal Engine. Answering … Read more

How to Create a Roblox FPS Game

How to Create a Roblox FPS Game

With this step-by-step tutorial, you’re going to learn how to create an exciting and action-packed Roblox FPS game complete with lobby, arena, scoreboard, and goal of getting 10 kills per round. In addition, thanks to Roblox’s built-in multiplayer features, your game will be ready to be enjoyed by the millions of Roblox players in an … Read more

How to Create a ROBLOX Action Game: Arena Combat

Creating a ROBLOX Arena Combat Game

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating an arena combat game in Roblox – featuring repeating rounds of combat that allows players to increase their score. Not only will you learn some nifty tricks to programming with Lua by a professional developer, but with Roblox game making’s soaring popularity, you can this multiplayer game available to … Read more

Create a City Building Game in Unity

Create a City Building Game in Unity

Do your players long for the exhilarating sensation of controlling a whole city? From popular games like Sim City to lesser-known indie games like Banished, city-building games are an immensely popular sub-genre of strategy. Not only are they beloved by players, but they also present developers with a special challenge in terms of game design. Despite all … Read more

How to Build a Coding Portfolio

Screenshot of a portfolio website mockup

If you’ve taken serious consideration to finding a job in any programming field, you’ll have surely asked how one goes about doing that. Job hunting is, sadly, not a straightforward venture, and one tons and tons of people struggle with every day. While it can be made easier by knowing certain people in the industry, … Read more