Best Sandbox Tutorials – A Guide to Creative Gameplay

Best Sandbox Tutorials - A Guide to Creative Gameplay

Sandbox games are a hugely popular gaming genre, giving players the freedom to explore and interact with a game world without being restricted by objectives or strict progression limits. Popularized by the endless creativity of Minecraft and similar procedurally-generated sandboxes, the genre is also a popular way for coders to test their game design skills … Read more

Best Unity AI Tutorials – Unity Game Development Guide

Best Unity AI Tutorials

In many single-player games – and some multiplayer games – a form of artificial intelligence (AI) is at work. Some of these AI’s are very rudimentary, such as the “AI” that controls the opposing padel in Pong whose only goal is to bounce the “ball” back to you. Others are a lot more complex, such as … Read more

Unity MLAPI Multiplayer Tutorials – Complete Guide

Unity MLAPI Multiplayer Tutorials - Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted a Unity-official solution for multiplayer networking in Unity? Or – do you perhaps just want an alternative to using multiplayer frameworks like Photon and Mirror? Allow me to introduce Unity MLAPI (or Unity Multiplayer Networking as it’s now called) – the new kid on the block who is ready to help … Read more

Unity Reflect Tutorials – Complete Guide

Unity Reflect Tutorial

Meet Unity’s newest technology set to enhance the workflow for building designers, architects, and engineers: Unity Reflect. For the construction industry, BIM, or Building Information Modeling, has increasingly become a standard during all phases of creating a building – from planning the design all the way to completing the actual project in real-life.  BIM models … Read more

Best Resources & Places to Learn to Code

Best Resources & Places to Learn to Code

Learning how to code can not only be personally rewarding, but can also have major impacts on your career – even if you don’t intend to be a programmer. However, how do you learn to code, especially if you’re looking at coding for beginner-level stuff? With the list below, we’ve compiled some of what we … Read more

Intro to Cloud AI with Azure and Unity – Project Files

Intro to Cloud AI with Azure and Unity - Project Files

Download the workshop project files This workshop was organised by TAFE Queensland as part of the DIGITREK21 event. With recent innovations in technology, AI has left the realms of science fiction and is becoming increasingly mainstream. Whether you’re interested in building games or apps, a sound understanding of the practical applications of AI will give … Read more

How to Optimize Games in Unity

How to Optimize Game in Unity

You can access the full course here: Publishing and Optimizing Mobile Games Light Baking In this lesson, we’re going to go over the concept of actually baking your lighting inside of Unity. When it comes to performance impact, lighting is one of the major factors that contribute. Types of Lighting In Unity, there are three different … Read more

A Guide to Handling Huge Worlds in Unity – Part 1

Huge generated game world from Unity

In this tutorial series you’re going to learn how to handle huge worlds in Unity. When you have a game with a huge world (potentially infinite), you may face some problems due to the limited resources of the computers. For example, it is not possible to keep rendering the whole world every time, since this … Read more

How to Train a Machine Learning Agent via Demonstration

Whenever a human learns a new subject, whether it be a musical instrument or a new language, there’s always a theme of “trial and error.” Attempting to get the correct finger placement on the violin or correct pronunciation of a foreign word oftentimes involves getting it wrong several times over. This is a well-known way … Read more