Understanding Unity Cinemachine – Advanced Camera Tutorial

Understanding Unity Cinemachine - Advanced Camera Tutorial

You can access the full course here: Intro to Cinemachine and Timeline Cinemachine – Look At In this lesson, we’re going to look at Cinemachine. Cinemachine allows us to create more complex camera movements, tracking, and following targets by simple drag-and-drop methods. If you haven’t already installed the Cinemachine package from the Package Manager, refer to Lesson 3 – Project Setup. … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Learning C#

The Definitive Guide to Learning C#

Do you want to build websites, mobile apps, or make awesome games with Unity? Then C# is the programming language for you! The popular, powerful, and versatile Unity Game Engine utilizes C# as the programming language that powers its Scripting API – allowing you to implement game logic, trigger events, apply physics, respond to user … Read more

Unity MLAPI Multiplayer Tutorials – Complete Guide

Unity MLAPI Multiplayer Tutorials - Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted a Unity-official solution for multiplayer networking in Unity? Or – do you perhaps just want an alternative to using multiplayer frameworks like Photon and Mirror? Allow me to introduce Unity MLAPI – the new kid on the block who is ready to help you build your own multiplayer games. While MLAPI … Read more

Unity Havok Physics Tutorials – Complete Guide

Unity Havok Physics Tutorials - Complete Guide

Havok, is a popular physics engine which can be found in many AAA games, and now it’s coming to Unity. So what does this mean? Well for many years, people have been asking for an alternative to Unity’s built in physics system. It can be limiting for some developers, who want better performance from larger … Read more

Unity Reflect Tutorials – Complete Guide

Unity Reflect Tutorial

Meet Unity’s newest technology set to enhance the workflow for building designers, architects, and engineers: Unity Reflect. For the construction industry, BIM, or Building Information Modeling, has increasingly become a standard during all phases of creating a building – from planning the design all the way to completing the actual project in real-life.  BIM models … Read more

Best Beginner’s Online Coding Classes

Best Beginner's Online Coding Classes

Do you want to learn how to code? Assuming the answer is yes – and assuming we don’t need to extol why coding is a fantastic skill to learn – the next obvious question is how? How does one learn how to code? Well, in our busy modern lives where going to physical classes is not … Read more

Unity vs. Unreal – Choosing a Game Engine

Unity vs. Unreal

When learning game development, people often wonder about what the best game engine is – in fact, we’ve done a whole entire article on the matter. In terms of versatility, power, popularity, and use in the industry – there are two that most people talk about though: the Unity game engine and the Unreal Engine. Answering … Read more