Setting up Firebase for Android Apps

Web Class: Setting up Firebase for Android Apps

You can access the full course here: The Complete Firebase Course with Kotlin Before we can start working with Firebase, we have to create an Android project first. Open up Android Studio, hit “Create a new project” and select a Basic Activity to be the first created Activity. Make Kotlin be the default language. Select … Read more

Building a Mobile App with Flutter

Learn Mobile App Development with Flutter

You can access the full course here: The Complete Mobile App Development Course with Flutter Part 1 Before creating apps in Flutter, you need to install it. To access the official guide, follow the link: From there, download the latest version of Flutter SDK and extract the zip file into your desired location – it … Read more

Free eBook – Android Development for Human Beings

Android App Development Ebook Cover

Grab our new ebook Android Development for Human Beings and learn to build impressive Android apps using Material Design. Book author Mohit Deshpande is an app developer (Android and iOS) and computer scientist who current does research in AI and computer vision at the Ohio State University. This book includes 17 chapters that cover basic … Read more

Advanced Android App Development – From Padawan to Jedi

Advanced Android App Development – From Padawan to Jedi

Save your most valuable asset – time! Learn how to completely design and develop an production ready Android app, start to finish. We will start at the beginning where all apps start, with an idea. We will design our app using Google’s Material Design. Material Design makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, … Read more

How to Use the Android Notification System

In this post we’re going to learn how to use the Android notification system. Android notifications have evolved from the standard one-liner with an app icon to having actions, showing images, and expanding to show more information. Notifications are a critical part of the user experience. Instead of the user having to check your app for updates, … Read more

How to Use Android Sensors in Games

In this post, we’re going to learn how to access just one of the multitude of sensors present on an Android device by building a very small game that uses the accelerometer on the device. This game will simply show a red ball on the screen whose motion is tied to the device’s accelerometer. For example, tilting the device will cause … Read more

Meet Elizaveta: International Space Station Engineer and Zenva Student

Having previously worked on Energia (A Soviet Rocket!) Elizaveta currently works preparing technology for the International Space Station. Launched in 1998, ISS is the largest Artificial orbit that can be seen by the naked eye from Earth and is maintained by a series of Spacecrafts including Soyuz, a Spacecraft Elizaveta also works on. ZENVA catches up … Read more