Free eBook – Godot 4 for Beginners

Master Godot – the free and open-source game engine taking the world by storm – in our free ebook Godot 4 for Beginners!

Authored by expert Godot developer Daniel Buckley, this ebook covers the foundations you’ll need to start working with Godot 4. You’ll explore key concepts such as how to utilize the tools offered by the engine, how to get started with GDScript (the recommended scripting language for Godot), and how all these features work together to help you build your own video games. While learning, you’ll also get the chance to build some mini-projects to put all this knowledge into practice – cementing your skills for more complex projects.

Whether you want to build RPGs, FPS games, platformers, or something else, you’ll learn the skills you need to take your first steps into the world of game development with Godot!

Download the eBook here