How to Code Games in C++ – Best Tutorials in 2023

Learning to code games in C++ is a valuable skill, with many opportunities in the tech industry. C++ is a popular language for game development, and there are numerous resources available to learn how to code games in C++. In this article, we will explore the best tutorials for learning game development using C++ in 2023. The primary product we would like to promote is Zenva’s C++ Programming Academy, a beginner-friendly resource that teaches students how to code in C++.

 What is C++?

C++ is a general-purpose programming language that offers supreme flexibility and efficiency, making it ideal for creating video games. With its roots in the C programming language, C++ is a powerful, versatile tool that allows developers to create beautiful, engaging games across various platforms. If you are looking to dive into the world of game development and create outstanding titles using C++, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss why C++ is a popular choice for game development as well as tools and frameworks to help you get started. Stick around as we also cover the best resources both from Zenva and other sources to help you master C++ game development.




Why Use C++ for Games

There are several reasons why C++ is a popular choice for developing video games, including:

  • High performance: C++ is designed for speed and efficiency, making it perfect for games where performance is crucial.
  • Low-level control: With C++, developers can manage memory usage more precisely than with other programming languages, providing more control over system resources.
  • Platform versatility: C++ is a portable language that can be used to develop games for various platforms and operating systems.
  • Industry-standard: Many successful game developers and companies use C++ for their titles, ensuring strong community support and ongoing development.

Why Use C++ Over Other Programming Languages for Games

Every game engine and programming language has its strengths and weaknesses, but C++ offers some key benefits that make it an ideal choice for game development:

  • Performance and efficiency: C++ is known for its ability to produce games with high levels of performance and stability, meaning less lag and smoother gameplay for players.
  • Wider industry adoption: A significant portion of the game industry uses and supports C++, making it a valuable skill to learn and master.
  • Better control over hardware resources: C++ offers low-level control, allowing programmers to optimize their code for specific device capabilities and minimize system strain for users.

Examples of Games Made with C++

Some famous examples of games developed using C++ are:

  • Doom,
  • The Elder Scrolls,
  • Final Fantasy,
  • Unreal Tournament,
  • Mass Effect,
  • Red Dead Redemption,
  • Street Fighter.

These successful titles demonstrate the potential of C++ in creating engaging, feature-rich games.

Tools and Frameworks for Building Games with C++

To get started with C++ game development, you can use some popular tools and frameworks such as:

  • Visual Studio: A well-known IDE (integrated development environment) that supports C++ and provides essential debugging features.
  • Unreal Engine: A powerful 3D game engine designed for C++ game development. Using its blueprint system, developers can create game logic without extensive programming knowledge. Free to use with a royalty-based revenue model when shipping your game.
  • SFML: A simple, fast, multimedia library for building 2D games using C++. It offers an easy-to-understand graphics module for rendering, window management, and user input handling.
  • SDL: A cross-platform development library that allows developers to create games in C++ with support for input, graphics, audio, and more.

Now that you have a better understanding of why C++ is a popular choice for game development and the tools to get started, let’s dive into a handpicked selection of the best resources to help you master game development in C++.

Zenva’s C++ Programming Academy

Zenva Academy offers a comprehensive C++ Programming Academy designed to teach students how to code in C++. With this curriculum, you can learn the basics of C++ and create your first game in under four hours. Key features include:

  • C++ language basics
  • Controlling a program’s flow
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Popular game mechanics
  • Graphics and audio with SFML

The C++ Programming Academy is suitable for complete beginners with no prior coding experience.

JetBrains C++ for Beginners: Build a 2D Arcade Game from Scratch

The JetBrains C++ for Beginners course is a free, beginner-friendly resource that teaches you how to build a 2D arcade game from scratch. The course is divided into five modules, covering topics such as:

  • Basic programming primitives
  • Manual memory management
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Standard library

By the end of the course, you will have developed a simple 2D arcade game with a graphical user interface, user input handling, and game object management.

GameDev Academy: Free C++ Tutorials

GameDev Academy offers a variety of free C++ tutorials for beginners and those looking to improve their skills. Topics covered include:

  • Complete C++ Beginners Tutorial
  • Drawing Sprites with SFML & C++ Tutorial
  • Learn String Functions in C++
  • Variables, loops, and vectors in C++
  • Exploring game maps and handling user interactions with SFML

Additionally, GameDev Academy offers courses on other programming languages and game engines, including Unity, Unreal Engine, Java, Python, and more.

Microsoft Game Development with C++ on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)

Microsoft’s Game Development with C++ on the UWP article discusses game development using C++ on the Universal Windows Platform. UWP allows developers to create games for various Windows devices, including phones, PCs, and Xbox One. Benefits of developing games for Windows include:

  • Xbox Live
  • Cross-device multiplayer
  • A large gaming community

The Windows Dev Center provides documentation for game development on the UWP, making it an excellent resource for C++ game developers. Learn C++ by Creating a Simple Guessing Game

This article on provides a step-by-step guide to practicing C++ programming by creating a simple guessing game. The tutorial covers:

  • Setting up the C++ environment
  • Creating functions and implementing program logic
  • Building the code and playing the game

The article encourages readers to continue learning by writing a useful utility in C++.


There are many great resources available for learning how to code games in C++ in 2023. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced programmer looking to expand your skills, these tutorials offer something for everyone. Be sure to check out Zenva’s C++ Programming Academy for a comprehensive, beginner-friendly introduction to C++ game development.


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