Zero-Day Java Guide 4 – Advanced OOP

Interfaces There are cases in software development when we need to agree upon a contract that dictates how software components interact with each other. This allows many people to write independent code while still maintaining the core functionality of the software component. For example, all automobiles have the same basic functionality: turning and signaling, for … Read more

Zero Day Java Guide 3 – Object-Oriented Programming

Introduction to Objects Object-oriented programming (shortened to OOP) applies the concepts of real-world objects to programming. For example, think of an object near you: a pen, a chair, a computer. All of these things can be modeled in an OOP language like Java. In this section, we’re going to move from low-level, concrete structures like … Read more

Zero-Day Java Guide 1 – Installation and Hello Variables

Computers can do some amazing things: track trends in data to predict the stock market, identify text and handwriting in images, and even perform delicate surgery! Ironically, the computers that we praise so much are really the dumbest invention of mankind. They can’t do any of these things by themselves; they were told very precisely … Read more

Free eBook – Java Programming for Human Beings

We are happy to announce the launch of our free ebook Java Programming for Human Beings – The Ultimate Beginner’s Introduction, authored by mobile application developer, contractor and online trainer Mohit Deshpande. The book covers the basics of the Java programming language and assumes no prior coding experience. Java is one of the most widely … Read more