Unity MLAPI Multiplayer Tutorials – Complete Guide

Unity MLAPI Multiplayer Tutorials - Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted a Unity-official solution for multiplayer networking in Unity? Or – do you perhaps just want an alternative to using multiplayer frameworks like Photon and Mirror? Allow me to introduce Unity MLAPI – the new kid on the block who is ready to help you build your own multiplayer games. While MLAPI … Read more

How to Train a Machine Learning Agent via Demonstration

Whenever a human learns a new subject, whether it be a musical instrument or a new language, there’s always a theme of “trial and error.” Attempting to get the correct finger placement on the violin or correct pronunciation of a foreign word oftentimes involves getting it wrong several times over. This is a well-known way … Read more

How to Make AIs Target Objects with Unity ML Agents

a gif of the first training attempt

Introduction We often hear in the news about this thing called “machine learning” and how computers are “learning” to perform certain tasks. From the examples we see, it almost seems like magic when a computer creates perfect landscapes from thin air or makes a painting talk. But what is often overlooked, and what we want … Read more

An Introduction to Unity’s ML-Agents

An Introduction to Unity's ML-Agents

 Introduction Okay. So you’re a budding computer science enthusiast and you’re trying to make an AI that will take over the world. You do your research and find out about this thing called “machine learning.” You’ve seen several impressive demonstrations of machine learning technology so you decide that this is the tool you’re looking for. … Read more

Make a Puzzle Game with Unity – Part 2

Make a Game with Unity's Navigation Components - Part 2

Introduction It has been my persistent perception that video game design is at a unique junction of art and technicality. If one manages to mesh impeccable code with sublime artistry, the results can be quite novel – and the fluid nature of this junction creates limitless possibilities. One is never sure when one skill is … Read more