Creating a 3D Smash Game in Unity – Part 2

Introduction Benjamin Franklin once said, “the best video games that I have ever made were the ones where I persisted and didn’t give up.”* Whether or not Benjamin Franklin actually said this, he is right. Welcome to Part 2, and congratulations on continuing this tutorial series on creating a 3D Smash Game in Unity! In … Read more

Supercharging Materials with the Scriptable Render Pipeline in Unity

Introduction In this tutorial, we will be using the Scriptable Render Pipeline in Unity to supercharge our materials and make them look awesome. We will be utilizing the Scriptable Render Pipeline (or, as it is often called, SRP) in two different applications. In the first, we will be making a more realistic material for glass, … Read more

Augmented Reality Game Development with Unity and Vuforia

Introduction In the past few years, augmented reality has become very popular. From expensive devices like the Hololens, to your own pocket devices with Apple’s Arkit and Arcore for Android, augmented reality is fast becoming widely available. In this tutorial, we will make a simple project which utilizes image detection and motion tracking. The project … Read more