SpriteKit Game Development Tutorial – Sprites and Animations

Introduction If you’re an aspiring game developer or just want to target the iOS or macOS realms, you must know your way around SpriteKit. In case you didn’t know, SpriteKit is a game development framework provided by Apple, that offers a lot of tools and speeds up the development of your game, by allowing you … Read more

iOS Project Management App Tutorial – Part 1

Hello World! This is the first half of the two-part post that will combine what we’ve been learning from several different posts into a fully-functional app: Taskr. Taskr is a classic project management app where the user is trying to keep track of all of the tasks related to a particular project. While we’re building Taskr, we’ll also learn plenty of new techniques like … Read more

How to Access the User’s Location in iOS Apps

Hello World! In this post, we’re going to look at how we can retrieve the user’s location as pure data and as a position on a map. We’ll look into the CoreLocation and MapKit modules and build an app that will display some diagnostic information like latitude, longitude, altitude, and accuracy. Right underneath those fields, we’ll have a map view that will … Read more

How to Navigate Between View Controllers in iOS

Hello World! In this post we’re going to learn how to effectively navigate between two or more view controllers using segues and a UINavigationController. We’ll also see how we can pass data between them using properties. We’ll be building a small app that will use a UINavgiationController to navigate between two view controllers and pass data between them … Read more

How to Pull Internet Data in iOS Apps

Hello world! In this post, we’re going to learn how to use the new NSURLSession class to quickly and efficiently connect to the internet and pull data. We’ll be using the OpenWeatherMap API to build a very simple forecasting app. In addition, we’ll also be learning about grand central dispatch (GCD) and how multithreading works in iOS. Download the … Read more

How to Create Dynamic Lists of Items with UITableView

Hello world! In this post, we’re going to learn how to use UITableView to create dynamic lists of items. We’ll create a very simple app that will display a list of healthy foods. More importantly, we’ll learn how to configure UITableView to show a list of any size; we’ll also learn how UITableView works under-the-hood so … Read more

The Complete iOS 9 Development Course – Build 14 Apps with Swift 2

The Complete iOS 9 Development Course – Build 14 Apps with Swift 2

Don’t spend hours searching through YouTube or Stack Overflow looking for just the right code snippet or information. Get started now learning iOS 9 development by building real world apps. Everything you need to get started becoming a real app developer is in this course. From the first steps of downloading XCode to listing your … Read more

How to Build an iOS Unit Converter App with Swift – Part 2

Hello World! This is the 2nd and final part of our Unit Converter post. In this post, we’re going to finish our Unit Converter app and see it working in our emulator! We’ll delve into UIPickerView and learn about delegates and data sources! Let’s get started! Since we’re finished with the UI and model, we need to wire everything in our UIViewController subclass. … Read more