How to Build an iOS Unit Converter App with Swift – Part 1

Hello world! In this post, we’re going to start building our first real-world app: a unit converter! With it, we hope to quickly convert between different units of length. This is Part 1 of the Unit Converter app post. In this part, we’ll learn about the Model-View-Controller pattern of iOS, UIPickerView, Swift enumerations, and static methods. We’ll also finish our UI and … Read more

How to Create Basic UI Controls in iOS

Hello World! In this post, we’re going to go more in-depth into some of the most basic UI controls that iOS supports. We’ll be covering a large number of different UI controls like text fields, buttons, switches, steppers, and sliders. These are the fundamental building blocks of any iOS app so we’ll start our journey here. We’ll also learn what delegates are in … Read more

Hello World – First Steps with iOS

Hello world! In this post, we’re going to get started with iOS development using Swift! We’ll start by building a simple Hello World app that will allow the user to enter their name and push a button; then the text in the middle will change to say “Hello” and the entered name. Download the source code . Learn iOS by building real apps Check out … Read more