Loading Scenes from Blender – BabylonJS Series part 13

Learn WebGL and Babylon.js at your own pace

Feel free to check out our online course 3D Programming with WebGL and Babylon.js for Beginners on Zenva Academy. The course covers the Babylon.js framework and explains all you need to get started with using this fantastic library in new or existing projects.


This tutorial is going to teach you how you can load a complete scene from Blender, directly to BabylonJS ! Babylon engine can load an entire scene, or simply one 3D object.

The main idea is to export your scene to a .babylon format, and load it in your javascript code. Blender has been chosen as our default modeling software because it’s free and open-source, as BabylonJS.


How can I do this ?

Everything you need to know for Blender is on David Catuhe’s blog

Once you konw that, you could manipulate complex meshes, and I’m pretty sure you will be interested in learning advanced texture techniques.