Free Ebook – Game Development for Human Beings

We are happy to announce the launch of our free ebook Game Development for Human Beings – Build Cross-Platform Games with Phaser, authored by a highly skilled group of software engineers and game developers: Kristen Dyrr, Pablo Farias Navarro, Renan Oliveria and Ben Sparks.

The book has over 420 pages and covers all the way from basic to advanced game development techniques using Phaser. To only prerequisite is basic to intermediate JavaScript skills – no prior game development experience is expected from the readers. Phaser is the most popular HTML5 game development library, used both by indie developers and large corporations.

We hope this free ebook helps you gain valuable skills and we look forward to hear about the cool stuff you’ll be building if you continue down this path.

This book is provided at no cost in PDF format.

Download the ebook


What kind of game are you gonna build Let us know in the comments!