Node.js from Zero to Hero

If you already know Javascript, then you are ready for the next step. Add Node.js to your tool box and learn how to create an entire application without languages like PHP or Python. Node.js lets you use JavaScript language on the server side of things and uses Google Chrome’s ultra fast V8 execution engine. Add the fact that this is a non-blocking model and it is little wonder why Node.js is so popular.

  • Understand what Node.js is, and isn’t
  • Use GIT with a Node.js project
  • Use Express in a Node.js Web App
  • Use NPM to manage Node.js packages
  • Kickstart a Node.js Web App with Bootstrap.js
  • Use Bower to manage UI dependencies in Node
  • Leverage Gulp to manage code quality, build, & testing
  • Use a templating engine with Node & Express
  • Understand routing with Express
  • Add a NoSQL database to a Node.js projects

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