How to Generate Huge Worlds for Unity

Web Class: A Guide to Huge Worlds in Unity

You can access the full course here: Create and Manage Huge Worlds Part 1 Creating our Terrain For this project, we’re going to be needing a terrain to test out the chunk system with. The program L3DT is what we’re going to use. This is a free program which can generate terrains with various different properties and … Read more

How to Set Up Unity for Cinemachine

You can access the full course here: Unity Cinemachine for Films and Games Part 1 Welcome to Zenva’s Unity Cinemachine for Films and Games course.  Throughout this course, we will learn how to use Cinemachine to create dynamic cameras and scenes. Installing Unity To start, we of course need to install the latest version of … Read more

Build Character Creators with Unity Multipurpose Avatar

You can access the full course here: Game Character Customization with UMA Creating our First UMA Character Since the release of this video, the UMA package has been updated, and the version from the Asset Store may not work correctly with the current Unity version. In this course you will learn how to setup a … Read more

Hey! Listen: Sound Design with Unity & FMOD – Part 2

Introduction Welcome to Part 2 of my sound design series about implementing sound events using Unity and FMOD, which looks at making our games more sight-impaired-accessible. Designing for accessibility is not just great for inclusivity, it also helps make a more atmospheric game for everyone! This tutorial follows directly on from the last, so if … Read more

Supercharging Materials with the Scriptable Render Pipeline in Unity

Introduction In this tutorial, we will be using the Scriptable Render Pipeline in Unity to supercharge our materials and make them look awesome. We will be utilizing the Scriptable Render Pipeline (or, as it is often called, SRP) in two different applications. In the first, we will be making a more realistic material for glass, … Read more