Student Success – Games by Zenva Students

Many of ZENVA students, in particular those enrolled in The Complete Mobile Game Development Course – Platinum Edition, have published their own games (for fun and for paid client work!). Watch the video and read their interviews on how they started and completed their first games! Mike’s interview Ryan’s interview Costin’s interview Jeremiah’s interview  

js13kGames Tutorial Video Series

Js13KGames Video Tutorial Series

In this video series made for our YouTube channel subscribers, we cover the creation of a simple “cross the road” / “frogger” type of game using the Kontra JavaScript micro-framework. This 4-part tutorial is not just about programming. We also cover other important aspects such as the creation of a level using Tiled, how to … Read more

Free Ebook – Game Development for Human Beings

Phaser Game Development Ebook

We are happy to announce the launch of our free ebook Game Development for Human Beings – Build Cross-Platform Games with Phaser, authored by a highly skilled group of software engineers and game developers: Kristen Dyrr, Pablo Farias Navarro, Renan Oliveria and Ben Sparks. The book has over 420 pages and covers all the way … Read more

Super Charge your Phaser Games with Premium Plugins

Did you know that here are premium plugins available for the Phaser framework? They all come with excellent documentation, examples, and support from the developers behind this awesome framework. These are the official premium plugins: 1. Virtual Joystick Plugin This plugin gives you a fully customizable touch control with just 2 lines of code. Compatible … Read more