Free Course – Learn JavaScript for Web & Games

Explore the programming language of JavaScript – a core fundamental for both web development and HTML5 game development. You can also download the project files used for the course below.

Download the project files


In this course taught by Pablo Farias Navarro, you’ll learn JavaScript from scratch and explore in-demand skills that will boost any developer’s toolkit. Starting with the fundamentals of coding itself, you’ll discover techniques for storing data with variables, manipulating data with operators, loops, & more, and even creating functions to create the program logic. Additionally, you’ll also learn the basics of using JavaScript to alter webpages in a variety of ways through the DOM API.

Not only will you master one of the most desired skills for all corners of technology development, but also gain the foundations you’ll need to make interactive web projects, build exciting HTML5 games, and work with popular, modern web frameworks.


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