Unite Sydney Workshop – VR Controller Interactions with the XR Input Mapping

Download the source code of my Unite Sydney presentation VR Controllers for the Masses here or on Github.

To learn more about working with hand-tracked controllers in XR experiences in Unity make sure to check out our Virtual Reality Mini-Degree.

VR, the ability to experience and be present in worlds that don’t exist, is certainly a super exciting field.

Using hand controllers is one of the main ways in which we can interact with these virtual worlds.

But the VR ecosystem is very fragmented. Until very recently, your options as a developer were to focus on just one platform using their native SDK, or to embark in a cross-platform hell where you were at the mercy of frameworks that were not always well maintained.

But that’s all changed for good in Unity 2019.1 thanks to the new XR input mapping, which gives you an easy way to access all buttons in all the main controllers.