Game Development and Coding for Kids

Free Course – Game Development for Kids with Unity Playground

Begin developing your first game with the free tutorial above using Unity Playground – the perfect, no coding solution for kids and those young at heart!  You can also extend the material covered here by checking out the full course below!

Game Development and Coding for Kids


Through this Unity tutorial created by Pablo Farias Navarro, you’ll learn to work with Unity Playground, a 2D framework with a variety of premade assets, physics, and more to make game designing without any code possible.  In a little over 20 minutes, this free course will show you the fundamentals of setting up a 2D platformer complete with tile-based platforms and a character with platformer-oriented movement.  Not only will you learn how to work within the Unity engine, but it is also the perfect choice for beginners of all ages who want to take their first critical steps into the world of game development.

Prefer offline tutorials? Consider getting the Zenva app for Android and iOS to download other free courses, including our Unity 101 course, for offline viewing!

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