400-page Phaser Ebook with Games and Tutorials

Update: Interphase volume 2 has been announced! It will include an additional 8 games + several tutorials. This new ebook is currently on pre-sale and you can grab it at a discount here.


Richard Davey, the developer behind the awesome Phaser framework just released an incredible 400-page ebook titled Interphase volume 1, inspired by programming books from the 80’s as it includes a myriad of different topics, beautiful artwork and lots of code.

This ebook package includes, among other things:

  • 8 complete games with fully commented source code in a zip file.
  • Full “making of” tutorials for all games.
  • 4 tutorials on other topics such as screen flipping, physics, object trajectories and 3D effects.
  • A 100+ page guide to the State Manager.
  • Beautiful artwork and game assets by talented artist and book co-author Ilija Melentijevic.
  • PDF, ePub and Mobi formats included so you can use your favorite reading app.

Get the ebook, take your game development to the next level and support Phaser’s creator.

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