How to Learn Python Turtle for Free on YouTube – Best Video Courses

Python is an incredibly versatile programming language, used in various applications such as web development, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. Another lesser-known use of Python is its ability to create captivating graphics using the Turtle module.

In this article, we’ll explore how to learn Python Turtle for free on YouTube, presenting some of the best video courses available.

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What is Python?

Python is a versatile, high-level programming language perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. With its clean syntax and a vibrant community, Python has become a go-to language for projects ranging from web development and data analysis to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What is Python Turtle?

Python Turtle is a built-in library used to create graphical illustrations, designs, and games by controlling a cursor, also known as the turtle. A particularly excellent tool for beginners, Python Turtle allows you to explore essential programming concepts such as loops, conditionals, and coordinate systems, all while producing visually engaging output.

What Can You Use Python Turtle for?

Python Turtle is employed in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Teaching programming concepts
  • Creating graphical art and designs
  • Building simple games
  • Developing educational tools and interactive simulations
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Why Learn Python?

Learning Python offers numerous advantages, including:

  • High demand in the job market
  • Widespread usage in various industries
  • Large and supportive global community
  • Vast array of libraries and frameworks
  • Easy to learn, read, and write

Why Use Python Turtle to Learn Python?

Python Turtle provides a unique and engaging way to learn Python programming. By using Python Turtle:

  • You’ll gain a solid understanding of fundamental programming concepts
  • The hands-on, visual nature of Turtle helps contextualize abstract ideas
  • It will cultivate creative thinking through the design of graphics and games
  • Python Turtle is beginner-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of learners

In the remainder of this article, we’ll showcase a list of the best resources for learning Python Turtle, both from Zenva and other sources. By using these tutorials, you’ll be on your way to mastering Python Turtle in no time, while gaining valuable skills in Python programming.

Python Turtle Graphics Tutorial

Python Turtle Graphics Tutorial – This comprehensive video tutorial is perfect for those who are new to Python Turtle. It walks you through the basics, demonstrating how to create a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors using Turtle. The tutorial offers clear explanations and step-by-step guidance, ensuring you have a solid foundation in Python Turtle as you progress through your learning journey.

Python Turtle Game

Python Turtle Game – This engaging tutorial invites you to develop a simple game using the Python Turtle library. The material is frequently updated, providing new videos, tutorials, and projects on a weekly basis to keep you consistently learning and improving your understanding of Python Turtle and game development fundamentals.

Python Turtle Beginner

Python Turtle Beginner – Designed with the novice in mind, this succinct tutorial offers beginners a straightforward introduction to Python Turtle. It encourages you to explore and experiment with the library, ultimately refining your skills by practicing various programming concepts in a hands-on manner.

Python Turtle – Drawing Lines and Moving

Python Turtle – Drawing Lines and Moving – In this informative video tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw lines and move the turtle in any direction using Python Turtle. The demonstrations clarify how to work with Turtle’s coordinate systems and movement commands, building up your knowledge of essential programming concepts in the process.

Python Turtle Graphics Module

Python Turtle Graphics Module – This tutorial delves into the fundamentals of Python Turtle’s graphical capabilities. By focusing on the unique aspects of the library, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for its potential applications in educational settings, art projects, and more.

Python Turtle for Kids

Python Turtle for Kids – This Python programming video tutorial zeroes in on turtle graphics, a widely used technique for introducing programming concepts to children. Accessible and fun, this tutorial demonstrates how Python Turtle can serve as an excellent entry point for programming education.

Python Turtle Game Development

Python Turtle Game Development – This tutorial presents another opportunity to craft a basic game using the Python Turtle module. With fresh materials published each week, this resource ensures you’ll have ongoing support and new content to explore as you continue honing your game development and Python Turtle skills.

Draw a Circle Quickly Using Python’s Turtle Module

Draw a Circle Quickly Using Python’s Turtle Module – In this article, you’ll discover how to swiftly draw a circle using the Python Turtle module. The tutorial is supported by Kite, a free AI-powered coding assistant, which can provide additional help and insights as you work through the content.

Beginner-Friendly Python Turtle Tutorial

Beginner-Friendly Python Turtle Tutorial – This 26-minute tutorial offers a detailed, step-by-step guide for crafting a wide array of shapes and designs using Python Turtle. Specifically created with beginners in mind, this tutorial supports your learning journey by covering both basic and more advanced Turtle commands and concepts.

Coding a Boat with Python Turtle

Coding a Boat with Python Turtle – In this stimulating tutorial, you’ll uncover how to use Python’s Turtle module to design a customizable boat, featuring elements such as a hull, mast, and sail. This project not only refines your Python Turtle skills but also encourages creative thinking and design principles.


There are several YouTube resources available to help you learn Python Turtle for free and create impressive graphics with ease. These tutorials cater to various skill levels, from beginners to more advanced Python programmers.

For a more structured and comprehensive learning experience, we highly recommend our Python Mini-Degree. This beginner-friendly course will equip you with all the necessary Python programming skills and knowledge, including Python Turtle.

Now is the perfect time to start learning Python Turtle and begin creating amazing graphics!

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