Student Success! Animal Farm Game by Mehmet Sarica

Hey everyone! Today, we bring you an inspiring success story in the world of game development. Meet Mehmet Sarica — an aspiring developer who had known how to code for a very long time, but never set foot in the realm of game development, that is up until recently.

Game design and development can be an intimidating field to anyone at first, and it was for Mehmet as well, but he took the initiative upon himself recently to learn game development.

Here’s our interview with Mehmet on his success publishing his game to the Google Play Store, how completing The Complete Mobile Game Development Course aided him on game development journey, and his background.

mehmet1Hey Mehmet! We see you’ve built an awesome and interactive game geared towards a younger audience — what is your background in Game Development?

This is my first game everI knew how to code, but I was so intimidated when it came to game programming.

We see, we’re glad you took that first step and developed your game! What technologies, frameworks, and tools did you make use of in developing your game?

I used the framework to develop this game — Animal Farm Games. In addition, I used Visual Studio Code as my primary IDE

Wow, Phaser is a very new, up-and-coming framework for Game Development — and we have a ton of courses on Phaser over at Zenva Academy. Speaking of Zenva Academy, which courses have you taken on it, and how would you say that they’ve helped you?mehmet2

I took the Complete Mobile Game Development Course, over at Zenva Academy, and it really helped me in getting started. The course really covers all of the basics, and through that, I was able to gain confidence to build my own game application. 

Sounds terrific, Mehmet! We’re so glad to see the course really helped you get your feet off the ground, and brought you to publishing your own game. What advice would you give to others that are taking courses on Zenva Academy?

My advice to others taking courses at Zenva Academy, and anyone who wants to start building apps, is that they should take The Complete Mobile Game Development Course. It is not dry information. You learn while programming actual games, and that is why I chose to take that course in the first place. 

What a terrific and insightful interview with Mehmet that we had here today, folks. We truly enjoyed hearing about his experiences in developing his game, what he had to overcome, and how he did it. Truly simple, yet insightful, responses from Mehmet.

Be sure to check out Mehmet’s first Google Play published game here! Even more, be sure to show it to your younger friends or siblings so they can give it a go. Thank you for joining us here today, and best of luck with the Animal Farm Game, and on all of your future projects, Mehmet.

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