Node JS for Beginners

Node.js for Beginners

Build scalable web applicacions, backends for mobile apps and games using a single language you already know and love: Javascript

Be prepared for the increasing number of jobs and projects that use Node.js technology to create fast, scalable network applications.

Node.js on Google Trends

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By using Javascript as a single language across both the front and back end, you enjoy numerous development advantages– such as using JSON as a common data structure and the reuse of data resources.

What you will learn in this course includes, among many other things:

  • Creating fast and scalable webapps with Node.js
  • Using MongoDB from total scratch!
  • Going real-time in your apps and games with
  • Creating a basic authentication system with Express
  • Deploying your webapps to Heroku and reach millions!

You are encouraged to code along with expert instructor Zeke Nierenberg, as you start with the very basics of Node.js and learn the features available in this powerful technology.



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