How Zenva is supporting the Hour of Code initiative

With an International wingspan of 180 Countries, Hour of Code is a Global Movement that aims to break down the complexities of Computer Science through a series of one hour tutorials. Developed as an innovative way to normalize computer coding, Hour of Code intends to reach a broader demographic and increase the teachings of computer science in both Primary and High schools.

In both 2014 and 2015 Zenva’s Founder Pablo Farías Navarro participated in the Computer Science Celebration week (December 8-14) with by offering free courses of his own. These included ‘Game Development and Coding for Children’ and ‘ Programming for Entrepreneurs’ .

By 2020 it is expected that jobs in Information Technology will have grown by 22% and that the subject of Computer Science will be as commonplace as English or Mathematics.

-Computer World


Circuiting the power of the technological community, Hour of Code moves to legislate Computer Science as a subject in every classroom and increase the representation of women and students of more diverse backgrounds.

As of December 2015 over one hundred million students have participated in the Hour of Code which has experienced an exorbitant increase in female pupils as well as young children- a demographic that had not been formerly targeted.

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