A one man developing team: Joe Mellis

Many game developers may feel identified with Joe Mellis who describes himself as a “one man developing team” and what does that mean? “I’m the programmer, artist designer, animation artist, and 3d artist at Dark Carnival Game Studios“.

Joe developed an Android game called Dragonz and he gave the GameDev Academy an interview to tell us about his experience.

Where did the game idea come from?

Dragonz is a fast paced action filled infinite flyer. Control the dragon collecting rings while avoiding obsticles and cannon fire. About it, Joe says:

“I always liked the infinite runner idea, but wanted to give it more, so the player has more control over the movements of the dragon”.


What can you tell us about the development of the game?

Dragonz took about 2 months of development to reach the current stage, althoguh it’s still in beta, as there are more features yet to be included.


What are the most important things you learned when making this game?

This is my first publish, so the whole getting from the game engine to the play store was a learning curve.


What advice would you tell people who are beginning with game development?

Stick at it, use the forums and api’s to help you along, don’t be discouraged, it’s a long hard road ahead, but persever and you’ll get there.


Thanks Joe for sharing your experience with us. And don’t forget to visit his Facebook page because he will be soon publishing new games!