Zenva Phaser Hackathon – Submissions and Thank You

Hi everyone! Hot off the wheels of the first ever Zenva Phaser Hackathon, we’d like to showcase to you all of the wonderful submissions we had received.

We appreciate all of the effort, time, and hard work everyone put into their Phaser games.

Without further ado, here are all of the amazing games that our awesome community and entrants submitted

Bots by Stefan Neidig (1st Place Winner)


Robots? Sounds fun. Clashing robots with awesome names? Even better! In yet another unique demonstration of the capabilities of Phaser, our 1st place winner Stefan Neidig created a game modeled around the idea of crashing robots. And what a fun idea that is!

Get behind the wheel of a robot and score some points by defeating fellow robots! You face off against what seem to be AI-controlled enemies, and you get a small HUD indicating the map, where you are on it, and where enemies are.  The goal of it is to survive this robotic royal rumble. This submission was a fantastic demonstration of the amazing capabilities of Phaser, and was implemented with an incredibly unique style of gameplay in mind. For that, Stefan took home the 1st place prize.

Check out the 1st place winner, Bots, on Stefan’s GitHub.

Oblivious by Jorge Noro (2nd Place Winner)


In yet another mind-bending game using Phaser, 2nd place winner Jorge Noro helps teach us that being oblivious has its consequences!

The objective of this game is to navigate to each subsequent level safe and sound — but there’s a twist! Your line of sight moves along as you do, meaning you can only see parts of the map that are within your general vicinity. It works similar to using Flash in the Pokemon games, in that the area that is lit up moves along with you. Make it through without bumping into any enemies and you can be on your way to winning! This was a very unique and fun spin on what can be done with Phaser, and we thank Jorge for creating this puzzling game!

Find Oblivious by Jorge on his GitHub.

Dungeon Lurer by Caio Marchi Gomes do Amaral (3rd Place Winner)


On the subject of head-scratchers, we present to your our 3rd place winner, Dungeon Lurer! This submission takes minimalism to a whole new level, with its clean and simple interface. However, its style of gameplay is also unique, since you control the tiny red guy seen in the above picture.

Your objective as the player is to remove the obstacle in your way (the small spiked object in the middle of the screen), but without causing harm to your player. So how do you remove the obstacle? Simple, you lure your doppelganger (the small sprite that looks similar to you) to do it for you! The doppelganger mimics your movements, but mirrors those movements in the opposite direction.

It takes a little bit of playing around to get used to, but is quite fun once you get the hang of it. Thank you for this awesome mind-bending game Caio!

See Dungeon Lurer on Caio’s GitHub.

UFOs Attack Zenva by Daniel Danielecki


Help save Zenva! This cool alien-themed game calls on you — the player — to help save us over at Zenva, by blasting away some aliens looking to attack our headquarters! By the way, our headquarters has sweet laser beams, did you know that? Bet you didn’t!

Anyhow, this was a fun game that demonstrated some of the capabilities of Phaser. We enjoyed defending Zenva, and we could only take so many hits before the aliens began to do their damage. We’d like to thank Daniel for this awesome take on the classic Defender style games.

Be sure to check out UFOs Attack Zenva on Daniel’s GitHub.

Galactic Defender by Wasim Kabir


Woah! Defender style games sure are popular picks for the Phaser! In this similarly themed shooter, you take the responsibility of not just defending Zenva (because Zenva is in this galaxy, right?), but defending the entire galaxy!

We definitely enjoyed this sweet take on the classic space shooter genre. It was a quick and fun demonstration of what you can whip up with Phaser, some free game assets, and some spare free time. We appreciate this neat little game, and its simplicity had us considering it as one of the winning submissions.

Try out Galactic Defender on Wasim’s GitHub.

Bunny Hop! by Tina Legere


Don’t trip! In this fun little platformer-style game, you take control of a purple bunny who is simply doing what he does best — hopping his way home!

We enjoyed playing this game and it was definitely a great break from having to save Zenva from aliens and defending the galaxy. Talk about stress, huh? This bunny-themed game was definitely a fun and relaxing game. Thank you for showing us your creative skills with Phaser Tina!

Jump around with Bunny Hop! on Tina’s GitHub.

Home Run Baseball Derby Deluxe by Edgard Collante


Is your favorite part of baseball batting a home run? Then look no further! This sweet little game allows you to become the baseball player of your dreams, just keep your eye on the ball and swing. We enjoyed testing this game out, provided by Edgard.

See Home Run Baseball Derby Deluxe for yourself on Edgard’s GitHub.

Little PJ The Hero of Guam by Kenneth Banico

zenva image 5

Can you save the beachy area of Guam? You sure can try! In this entertaining game submission by Kenneth Banico, you defend your part of the beach from bugs invading your little area. Perhaps once you defeat them all, you’ll be able to simply relax on the beach!

The bugs do have a large amount of life, compared to the damage your blasts will inflict on them. As a result, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by near-immune bugs, but hey, at least you’re at the beach! Thank you for this submission Kenneth.

Take at look a Little PJ The Hero of Guam on Kenneth’s GitHub.

VAVO by Stephan Max


Enjoy puzzles? Then this game may be your cup of tea! In this submission by entrant Stephan Max, you line up and match shapes. It can get tricky as the difficulty increases, but is a fun — as well as perplexing– game, and one that diverges from games typically made using the Phaser framework.

Thank you Max for bringing us this brain-teaser, and stumping us at certain points in the game. Definitely a nice break and a cool take on Phaser.

Solve the mind-bending VAVO on Stephan’s GitHub.

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And there you have it folks, all of the wonderful game submissions that we received from our very talented entrants. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for showing us your best and for having participated in our first ever Phaser Hackathon.

Be sure to keep an eye out for a future hackathon announcement.

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