Super Charge your Phaser Games with Premium Plugins

Did you know that here are premium plugins available for the Phaser framework?

They all come with excellent documentation, examples, and support from the developers behind this awesome framework.

These are the official premium plugins:

1. Virtual Joystick Plugin

premium phaser plugin - virtual joystick

This plugin gives you a fully customizable touch control with just 2 lines of code. Compatible with any current game that you may have. Check it out.

2. Particle Storm

phaser plugin particles

This plugin allows you to add stunning visual effects to your games. It includes full documentation + 200 examples on how to use it. Check it out (affiliate link)

3. Box2D Plugin

phaser box2d plugin

Box2D is a 2D physics library used in many commercial games. This library is implemented in many programming languages such as C++. The Box2D Phaser plugin brings this easy to use library to Phaser games and it’s much easier to use than the included P2 plugin.

Box2D comes in two flavors (affiliate links):