Phaser Beginners Tutorial – Working with Sprites

The following collection is part of The Complete Mobile Game Development Course – Learn by Making 15 Games, and covers the basics of using Sprites in Phaser.

This includes sprite positioning, rotation, scaling and flipping. Hopefully these videos will help you get started with this awesome framework!

These videos are hosted in Zenva‘s YouTube channel. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch more of our video tutorials.

Did you like the videos? Enrol in the course to keep watching. Learn HTML5 mobile game development by making 15 games from scratch (14 using Phaser, 1 using pure Canvas API).

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Pablo Farias Navarro

Pablo is an educator, developer and entrepreneur. Founder of Zenva, Pablo has published over 30 online courses that teach game, app and web development. Pablo has also created educational content for companies such as Amazon and Intel.

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  • Leandro Ruel

    very cool this little introduction, but i think the price of full course expensive, given the dollar value

    • Hi Leandro. Glad to hear you liked this tut. Regarding the price, it really depends to what you compare it with. In my home city Santiago (Chile) if you want to learn to make games you’ll have to pay a university or technical school somewhere around 500 USD per month, for at least 3 months. One-day workshops on game development are usually around 400-600 USD per person (200.000 – 300.000 Chilean pesos). Our online courses are a very cheap alternative to traditional education.