Making Coding Accessible: 182 Scholarships for Women Who Code

Recently Zenva was honoured to partner with Women Who Code, a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging women to pursue careers in technology. Kick-started in 2011, this social enterprise has awarded over $900,000 in educational scholarships and provided 3000 free technical events in twenty countries.  Having been vastly underrepresented in the past, there has been a surge of foundations promoting and providing opportunities for women in the digital industry, including that of Brisbane based enterprises’ ‘Women in Digital’ and ‘Tech girls are superheroes.’

Upon hearing of Women Who Code and their noble cause, Zenva contacted the team to offer a free JavaScript course for any interested parties. A staggering response, Zenva was able to provide 182 people with a free mobile programming course ‘JavaScript Programming-Learn by Making a Mobile Game’. A step by step video guide, this course teaches the basics of html programming under the guise of making a mobile game, an idea that was met with much acclaim. With most JavaScript courses offering a stark and dull method to learning the language this idea was widely supported, with 578 people contributing to its fundraising on

Stipulated to one of the most important languages to know in the next decade, JavaScript is an essential skill to learn and utilize. Whereas HTML is the foundation of a web page, JavaScript is what animates it, converting static pages into ones that users can interact with. An underrated but immensely important skill, Zenva provides a series of easy to learn online courses on the matter, which are all taught in a way that is visual and simple to follow.

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