Bosko Milakovic Interview – Creator of MeMnemonic

Describe us your game

This is game is like extended memory game. The player moves through the house labyrinth and search for the pairs. The count of the rooms and pairs varies and it depends of the level. The goal is to collect all pairs in less time and get more points and win 3 medals. Beside that, there is the girl who is walking around the house. If you meet her and follow her to her destination, you can earn a time bonus and win more points. The game demands a great concentration in order to remember where pairs are.


What was the hardest part when making this game and how did you overcome these difficulties?

The start was the hardest. This was my first game. I didn’t know any game framework. Which one to choose? Who will do the graphics? The only thing I had was the idea how the game will look like. I wanted to make a mobile game, so I choose Papaya game engine, since it can be compiled to android and ios. The language is similar to actionscript and I’m not the java guy. Then for the web version I choose limeJS since I liked the style of programming. Finding the right graphic artist was not simple too. I had to change 2 of them. If you don’t have money, this guy has to love you very, very much in order to give you any asset you need, and you will need them a lot:) Maybe some of your friends or in your family? In my case it is my brother-in-law. The music was done by me since I studied music. When all this is set, you can start working…


What did you learn when making this game that will make your life easier on your next game?

While making this game, I had to learn 2 different frameworks. One is papaya script, which is like actionscript. It can be compiled into native Android app. Here I use php as a server language. The second is limeJS for web version, which is based on google closure. So now, when all is finished, I’m feeling comfortable with those frameworks and my next game will be done in less time.


After making this game, what recommendation(s) would you make to people who are learning how to make games?

I heard somewhere that the difference between master and amateur is in details. I agree. Pay attention to it. Every pixel is important. The graphics should be done by artist, music by musician and programing by programmer.



Thank you for sharing with us! Best of luck to you and your game, Bosko.