Join Our First 30-day App Challenge and Earn Rewards

Welcome to our first Zenva 30-Day App Challenge

Online courses are a great way to learn, but when you really master a new skill is when you build something on your own and put it out there.

Many of us have unfinished projects, and sometimes a couple of weeks is all you need to polish those last details and end up with a published app.

Join our first Zenva 30-Day App Challenge by publishing an app to the Amazon Appstore, get your project out there and obtain cool rewards.

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What kind of apps can I publish to the Amazon Appstore

* Web/HTML5 apps and games

* Android apps

How do I participate in the Challenge?

These are the steps to follow:

1) Submit an app or game to the Amazon Appstore between April 1st and April 30th. Apps submitted before or after these dates are not part of this challenge.

2) After submitting your app, complete this online form with your details so that we can check the app and send you your rewards.

What rewards will I get?

Everyone who participates and has their app approved and live in the Amazon Appstore by the 15th of May* will get these rewards:

1) 1 x $15 Amazon gift card

2) 1 x $5 off Zenva Academy coupon

*You have to submit the app by the 30th of April. We are giving you some extra days to deal with potential comments from the Amazon Appstore review process.

Can I port existing an Android app to Amazon and use it for this Challenge?

Yes! your app for this challenge can be an existing Android app that you port to Amazon and submit within the Challenge time frame.

In order to test whether your Android app works on Amazon devices you can use their online Testing Tool where you simple drag and drop your APK file and get a quick response.

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Can I participate with more than one app?

Only 1 app per developer.

Let’s get started!

1) If you don’t have one, create an create an Amazon Developer account (free process).

2) Learn about the Amazon Appstore and their submission process. Watch our YouTube playlist on the subject.

3) Work on your app or game as much as you can during these weeks!