How to Teach Unity – Free Course for Educators

Dive into the basics of Unity game engine with this Unity for Educators workshop.

This workshop is ideal for educators with zero previous background in the Unity game Engine, coding, or game development. Not only will you acquire core knowledge and skills to incorporate the Unity game engine in your computer science classes, but it will also inspire your students to explore their innovative potential and seek new horizons in the booming technology or gaming sector.

About the Unity for Educators Workshop

In this presentation brought to you by Pablo Farias, educators will explore the Unity game engine with comprehensive instructions on how to install and navigate the software, as well as the creation of 3D scenes and the integration of interactivity empowering your students to unleash their creativity and explore new opportunities in the thriving games industry. Unity is free for educational usage, ensuring you and your students can leverage this precious tool without any barriers.

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