How to Code RPGs in Unity – Best Learning Tutorials

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own RPG (Role-Playing Game) but unsure about where to start? Dive into the wonderful world of game development with Unity, one of the most popular game engines, widely used by both hobbyist game developers and professional industry giants. Unity provides the flexibility to build games for almost every major platform, making your RPG creation accessible to a wide player base. In this article, you’ll discover how to code RPGs in Unity, why it’s a valuable skill to learn, and which resources are best to start your game dev journey.

What is Coding RPGs in Unity?

Coding RPGs in Unity means using the Unity game engine and a programming language, like C#, to build a Role-Playing Game. This includes everything from crafting game mechanics, such as combat systems and enemy AI, to designing different game scenes and adding aspects such as inventory systems and player customizations.

Unity is an ideal engine to create RPGs. Its highly adaptable workflow allows for both 2D and 3D game development, accommodating different art styles and gameplay mechanics. Unity’s strong community and wealth of online tutorials make it an excellent choice for aspiring game developers.

Why Learn to Code RPGs in Unity?

Learning to code RPGs in Unity could open doors to many opportunities. With RPGs being the highest-earning genre in the mobile game industry, the demand for skilled Unity developers is high.

  • High Industry Demand: Unity is favored by many game studios because of its versatility and support for nearly all gaming platforms. Knowing how to build an RPG in Unity can make you an attractive candidate for these companies.
  • Gateway to Game Development: RPGs incorporate numerous mechanics and systems, making them a comprehensive genre to learn and master. Doing so can significantly enhance your understanding of game development.
  • Unleash Creativity: RPGs are known for their rich stories and well-developed worlds. Creating your RPG allows you to bring your unique ideas to life, providing a rewarding output for your creativity.

Getting Started with Unity and C#

Before you begin coding RPGs in Unity, having a basic understanding of Unity’s interface and its main functionalities is a great starting point. Using a programming language like C# is crucial for adding functionality to your game’s objects, as C# is one of the main scripting languages used in Unity development.

The Unity interface itself is user-friendly with different panels and windows that can be adjusted to suit your workflow. There are panels for creating and editing the game object properties, previewing and playing your game, and managing the files and assets used in your game.

On the coding side, Unity uses C# as its primary scripting language. Understanding C# basics enables you to write scripts to control gameplay, animations, player interactions, and more. You’ll write these scripts in an external editor and attach them to game objects in Unity.

Don’t worry if you’re entirely new to Unity or C#. There are plenty of resources available to help you get started. Zenva Academy, for instance, offers interactive coding courses on both Unity and C#, guiding you through the essentials while building real projects. The combination of theory, project-based learning, and quizzes reinforces learning and ensures you’ve mastered each concept before moving on to the next.

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How to Learn to Code RPGs in Unity

Embarking on the journey of learning to code RPGs in Unity can seem daunting at first, but with the right direction and resources, it becomes a truly enlightening and enjoyable experience. Follow these steps to ease into your learning path:

  • Understand Unity Basics: Familiarize yourself with the Unity interface and its functionalities, such as the Scene view, Inspector panel, and the Asset Store.
  • Learn C#: Start learning the basics of C# programming. This understanding is vital when scripting in Unity. Focus on variables, loops, and data types to begin with, then move on to more complex concepts.
  • Work on Mini Projects: Apply the knowledge you’ve gained by working on small scale games. This will help cement your understanding and give you practical experience.
  • Get to Know RPG Elements: Start learning about the various elements that make up RPGs such as combat systems, inventory management, character progression, storyline, etc.
  • Build Your First RPG: Bring together all the skills you’ve learned to create your first RPG. Experiment along the way, be innovative, and most importantly, have fun!

We understand that stepping into the world of game development can be overwhelming, especially when you’re doing it alone. That’s why we, at Zenva, are committed to providing the best resources to all aspiring developers. Our 2D RPG Academy offers an all-encompassing course designed to take you from a Unity beginner to an expert RPG developer.

Zenva’s 2D RPG Academy is created by professionals in the game development industry and provides easy to grasp, high-quality and engaging content. The course focuses mainly on making you hands-on, with tutorials guiding you through creating your own RPGs in Unity, while understanding the underlying concepts and principles.

Get started with Zenva’s 2D RPG Academy today and embark on the rewarding path of bringing your very own story-worlds to life!

Learning Resources

Below are some of the most valuable resources to help you learn how to code RPGs in Unity. They range from comprehensive Zenva courses designed for different skill levels to practical guides from GameDev Academy and Unity’s own project-based learning kits.

Zenva’s 2D RPG Academy

Zenva Academy’s 2D RPG Academy is a compilation of courses teaching students how to create 2D RPGs using Unity. The curriculum unpacks different aspects of game development vital to RPG creation. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Understand tile-based maps, melee and ranged attacks, inventories, etc
  • Learn how to create randomized dungeons, mini-maps, and design enemy AI
  • Benefit from the flexible learning options with completion certificates

Zenva’s 3D RPG Academy

The 3D RPG Academy provided by Zenva Academy is a collection of courses that focus on creating 3D RPGs using Unity. It covers topics ranging from Unity basics to more advanced topics. Learning features include:

  • Understanding Unity basics, action combat mechanics, turn-based combat, game systems, and character customization
  • Reinforce learning through coding challenges and quizzes
  • Benefit from flexible access and learning materials


For the aspiring game developer wanting to delve into the creation of immersive 2D RPGs, this YouTube video is a valuable tool in showcasing how to utilize Unity – a powerful game development engine. This tutorial specifically covers making game levels, creating a user interface (UI), and working with imported spritesheets and animations, which are critical elements to any game.

Presented by the experienced game developer Glauco Pires, this tutorial offers insights into putting together a 2D game in Unity and loading levels created in Tiled – a free map editor tool. This is crucial as in RPGs, the player generally navigates through extensive world maps and intricate dungeon explorations, offering layers of gameplay depth.

With a focus on crafting a visually appealing and functional UI, the tutorial illustrates how to engineer the layout of various screens, which can significantly elevate the overall player experience. Additionally, understanding how to work with imported spritesheets and animations arms one with the capability

Unity AI Projects – Turn-Based Mechanics with ChatGPT by Zenva

The Unity AI Projects – Turn-Based Mechanics with ChatGPT course provided by Zenva Academy teaches you how to use AI to implement enemy logic in a 3D turn-based RPG game.

  • Learn how to set up ChatGPT for Unity, send API requests, alter projects for server-based AI and more
  • Experience flexible learning options with project-based coursework

How to Create an RPG Game in Unity Comprehensive Guide

The GameDev Academy’s comprehensive guide on creating an RPG game in Unity offers detailed step-by-step instructions for different game scenes.

  • Learn how to create a title scene, town scene, and a battle scene
  • Benefit from well-detailed, hands-on instructions for each step
  • Access additional learning resources and links to download the source code files

Zenva’s RPG – Multiplayer Projects

In this RPG – Multiplayer Projects course, Zenva Academy teaches you how to create a multiplayer RPG using Unity and Photon networking framework.

  • Learn to create a dynamic world, implement a menu and lobby system, and set up a chat box
  • Understand how to generate enemies and synchronize all elements through the network
  • Benefit from flexible learning options and access to the source code

Build a Text-Based RPG in Unity – Creating the Character Class

Being a significant part of any text-based RPG game, understanding the creation of character classes in Unity is essential. This YouTube video dives into the world of character classes, focusing on aspects like health, energy, and fighting stats which are fundamental to creating a balanced and engaging gameplay experience. While the primary course encapsulates a broader understanding of OOP and C# through a project-based approach, this video selects and simplifies a single yet crucial aspect – character class creation.

The video perfectly aligns with the article’s topic of coding RPGs in Unity, providing practical, step-by-step lessons that directly affect the gameplay dynamics. It deepens the understanding of:

  • How to intelligently design character classes in Unity and C#, keeping in mind the gameplay factors.
  • Effective use of classes and objects making optimal use of inheritance.
  • The role of encapsulation in controlling access to classes and methods.

The video hence complements the broader picture of gaming development that we’re discussing, providing a deeper

How to Code RPGS in Unity – Wrap-Up

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to dive into the fantastical realm of RPGs, or a seasoned game developer aiming to expand your skillset, Unity and its versatile tools offer a fulfilling journey into the domain of game development.

Each step you take, every code line you pen, and with every unique character or scenario you unravel, you immerse deeper into an ocean of creativity, innovation, and limitless possibilities.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, mastering the art of game development comes with time, perseverance, and a consistent quest for learning. And, the best part of this journey? Every RPG you create is a world shaped by your imagination, waiting for players to explore.

To gear you with a solid foundation in coding RPGs in Unity, the 2D RPG Academy on Zenva offers comprehensive, engaging, and project-based learning material formulated by industry professionals.

Take the leap with Zenva, equip yourself with the power of Unity, and embark on the remarkable journey of coding RPGs. Your dream world awaits its creator!

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