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If you’ve been seeking to venture into the domain of game development, you might have encountered references to Core Game Maker. You may wonder, “What is it?”, or “Why should I learn it?”. This article offers comprehensive answers to these questions and explains why Core Game Maker serves an essential tool for modern game developers. So, strap in for an exciting exploration of game development in a rapidly changing landscape.

What is Core Game Maker?

Core Game Maker, simply referred to as Core, is a revolutionary game development platform built atop the robust Unreal Engine. Devised by Manticore Games, this platform aims to democratize game development by making the process accessible to everyone, regardless of coding knowledge.

The most attractive feature of Core is its ability to allow users to play, create, and host their games. Users can swiftly execute complex tasks like 3D modelling and game logic, thanks to their gameplay templates and genres. What’s more exciting is the potential to share revenue generated from community content.

Why Should You Learn Core Game Maker?

The question you may be asking right now is, “why should I learn to use Core Game Maker when there are several other game development platforms available?” Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Ease of Use: One of Core’s biggest advantages is the ease with which you can create and customize games. With premade assets to work with, you won’t need to write codes, meaning you can focus on creating fascinating games.
  • Monetization: Not only does Core allow you to create games, but it also offers a mechanism to monetize these games. You can generate income by selling cosmetic items and seasonal passes.
  • Community Collaborations: Core Game Maker emphasizes community collaboration, providing opportunities to share and generate content revenue.
  • Future Integration: With Core’s upcoming expansions to MacOS and iOS, the ability to create and share content across platforms will become even more valuable.

Therefore, acquiring skills in Core Game Maker can not only serve as a lucrative avenue for game development but potentially open doors to a rewarding career in the gaming industry.

Core Game Maker and the Future of Game Development

An important aspect to consider when learning a new tool is its relevance to the future of that particular industry. Especially with the rapid advancement in technology, the tools we use today may become obsolete tomorrow.

But that’s not the case with Core Game Maker.

One exciting aspect of Core Game Maker is its forward-thinking approach to inclusive and immersive gaming. With its principle firmly rooted in the community, Core aims to revolutionize the way games are created, played, and shared, predicting how the future of gaming might unfold.

  • Community-Centric: With the growing emphasis on online gaming communities, having a platform that encourages collaboration across platforms only adds to its worth.
  • Cross-Platform Functionality: In a gaming world moving rapidly towards adaptability, Core’s expansion to iOS and MacOS will allow developers to create games that can be played on multiple platforms.
  • Continual Updates: Manticore Games is committed to regularly updating the Core game engine, which means the platform will continue to grow and adapt to the changing needs of the gaming industry.

By learning Core Game Maker, you’re not just investing in a tool, but in a progressive vision of what gaming can be in the future. So, if you desire to be at the forefront of the newest trends in game development, learning Core Game Maker is a must.

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How to Get Started with Core Game Maker

Getting started with Core Game Maker is easy and highly rewarding. The process can be broadly divided into some essential steps:

  • Understanding the Platform: Begin by familiarizing yourself with the Core platform. Explore its features, button locations, and the interface.
  • Experimenting: Experiment with the different settings, themes, and modes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match and create something unique.
  • Creating Basic Games: Start building basic games using the premade assets. This will give you confidence and a sense of how different elements interact within a game.
  • Learning Advanced Elements: After you have mastered the basics, you can learn advanced elements like game logic and physics. This will open up a new world of game development for you.
  • Sharing and Monetizing: Finally, share your games with the community and learn about monetization options. This can transform your hobby into a potential income source.

The road to mastering Core Game Maker is full of exciting challenges and awesome rewards. And remember, you are not alone in this journey!

At Zenva, we are committed to guiding you from beginner to professional in your chosen field. One of our highly recommended resources for game development enthusiasts is our Unreal Game Development Mini-Degree.

This comprehensive course introduces you to the world of game development using Unreal Engine. Although Core Game Maker is built atop the Unreal Engine, understanding Unreal itself can add depth to your knowledge and provide you with invaluable skills that can be handy when working with Core.

Our course is beginner-friendly, ensuring that anyone, regardless of prior experience in game development, can understand and grasp the subjects at hand. Perfect for both hobbyists and professionals, the Unreal Game Development Mini-Degree can be your stepping stone into the dynamic and rewarding world of game development. Learning Core with a solid foundation in Unreal Engine can make game creation an accessible and delightful experience!

So, are you ready to kick-start your journey into game development with Core Game Maker and Zenva? Because we are excited to have you on board!

Learning Resources

To expedite your journey with Core Game Maker and game development, we have compiled a list of the most relevant resources that you can use:

Unreal Game Development Mini-Degree by Zenva Academy

Commence your journey with Unreal Game Development Mini-Degree, a comprehensive collection of courses targeting game building with Unreal Engine. This Mini-Degree offers:

  • An in-depth exploration of the basics of the recently released Unreal 5.
  • Guidance on creating games across multiple genres.
  • An opportunity to learn a powerful 3D engine used by AAA studios.
  • Flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Unreal Engine 101 – 3D Game Creation by Zenva Academy

Next, delve into the specifics of 3D game development with Zenva’s Unreal Engine 101 – 3D Game Creation course. This course provides:

Explore Roblox Scripting with Lua by Zenva Academy

If you have an interest in Roblox development, the Explore Roblox Scripting with Lua course by Zenva Academy is a perfect choice. The course promises:

  • Teaching essential scripting techniques with Lua.
  • Managing data collections and creating reusable blocks of code.
  • Mastering core programming principles for building more complicated projects in Roblox.
  • Flexible, project-based courses that can be accessed 24/7.

How to Learn Roblox Lua for Free on YouTube: Best Video Courses by GameDev Academy

Looking for free resources? Also, Zenva hosts a guide on How to Learn Roblox Lua for Free on YouTube. This resource offers:

Core’s Documentation and Learning Resources

If you’re looking for direct resources based on Core, consider checking out Core’s official documentation. They provide:

  • An introduction to various aspects of game development
  • Areas focusing on getting started, tutorials, editor manual, and Core API.

Each resource listed above is a proven companion in your game development journey. Whether you choose to follow one or use a combination of several, be assured each will deliver invaluable insights and learning opportunities. So go ahead, invest in knowledge that empowers you to create engaging and immersive gaming experiences with Core Game Maker!


Your journey with Core Game Maker promises to be a riveting adventure in the world of game development. The path may pose challenges, but overcoming them levels up your skills, deepens your understanding, and opens new opportunities.

By tapping into this powerful tool, you can shape your creative impulses into detailed, immersive gaming experiences. Plus, the potential to share your creations with an engaged community and monetize your skills underscores the value of your learning.

As a relentless learner eager to conquer new frontiers, cement your Core Game Maker skills on a robust underpinning of Unreal Engine knowledge. The Unreal Game Development Mini-Degree offered by Zenva Academy is tailored to guide learners through every step.

This course transforms your gaming ideas into realities, shaping you into an accomplished game developer. Its step-by-step curriculum ensures that no learner feels overwhelmed, and everyone, regardless of their previous knowledge and skills, can achieve their game development dreams.

There’s a famous saying – “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you”. Your investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. So why wait? Embark on your game development journey today!

Remember, every pro was once a beginner, and every expert started as a novice. Start your journey with the Unreal Game Development Mini-Degree by Zenva and become the game developer you’ve always dreamt of being!

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