Game Development in Kuwait

There are thousands of ideas that can lead to develop a game. Inspiration is everywhere and creativity can be triggered easily when you’re up to the challenge. For Omar Alhaddad, a video game developer from Kuwait, Education was the main inspiration for the game “Axiom”.  In this post, learn more about Omar and his developing experience.


Can you tell us something about yourself?

Diwaniya Labs is a Kuwaiti independent development team established by Fahad Almodaian, Mansour Alsarraf and me in late 2009, mainly focusing on video game development. The three channeled our hobbies into something other people can benefit from or have fun doing.

The team thrives on criticisms and comments on their products, listening to their user and fan base and trying to make their products better.


What is Axiom about?

Axiom is a math based educational game, where players control a ship and pick up different numbers and operations to solve more than 80 challenging levels. It was developed using unique fully animated graphics, and it features rhythmic soundtracks and sounds.
By solving different mathematical equations and using your quick intuition, while avoiding a series of deadly traps, you can unveil the puzzle and race towards the finish! Axiom contains a full achievement list that would challenge even the quickest and most genius of minds! With full integrated leaderboards, challenge your friends and family and brag about who’s the smartest mathematician.
You can make Axiom part of your child’s daily routine as it’s designed to educate the young in mathematics in a fun and exciting way. It provides a considerable challenge not only to kids but also to rusty minds or those who just want a challenge. Logic puzzles and unlockables make every minute spent in Axiom fun, useful and rewarding.

The game has more than 80 levels that would challenge your wit and reaction speed. Axiom aims to entertain and educate in a complete fun way with beautiful graphics and colors, original soundtrack and effects and a  full tutorial to ease access for both kids and adults.


What can you tell us about the development of the game?

We wanted a small and simple project to make ourselfs familiar with a new engine we were testing (Unity3D).

We are all interested in educational games and were talking about how rare they are, so we thought about doing something along those lines.

In total 4 people worked on the project, and it took around 4 months to make.


What advice would you tell people who are beginning with game development?

Play test every step of the way, and listen to what play testers say, also use lists to organize everything. Work within your boundaries, recognize your strengths and don’t overwhelm yourself and you will sure get there.


Congratulations all the way to Kuwait! And thanks for sharing your experience with the GameDev Academy.

If you want more information about Omar and his company you can visit their Twitter and Facebook Page.