Best Free Level Design Tutorials on YouTube

Level design is a critical component of any video game development project, as it helps create a rich, immersive experience for players. Learning level design can be challenging but rewarding, and fortunately, there are countless resources available to help budding game designers improve their skills.

Whether you’re new to level design or have some experience under your belt, there is always room to grow and learn more. In this article, we will highlight some of the best free level design tutorials you can find on YouTube, perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the field.

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What is Level Design?

Level design is the process of creating the structure, layout, and flow of a game’s environments. It involves designing levels or game spaces that are not only visually appealing but also provide engaging gameplay experiences for players. A well-designed level should present interesting challenges, encourage exploration, and utilize game mechanics in creative ways. Effective level design is vital for creating immersive gaming experiences that keep players engaged from start to finish.

Why Good Level Design is Important

Good level design affects multiple aspects of a game, including:

  • Player immersion: Well-designed levels can transport players into the game world and hold their attention.
  • Gameplay flow: Effective level design ensures that players are continuously challenged and rewarded as they progress through the game.
  • Replayability: Interesting and diverse levels encourage players to revisit the game and explore new areas or try different strategies.
  • Player satisfaction: Successfully overcoming challenges and progressing through a well-designed level is a satisfying and rewarding experience for players.

Level Design’s Role in Game Storytelling

Level design plays a crucial role in the narrative aspect of a game. It is often through the game environments that players are introduced to the game’s story, characters, and setting. Well-designed levels can convey story elements effectively, such as the history of a game world, key plot points, or character motivations. Levels can also set the tone and atmosphere, helping to draw players into the narrative and evoke emotions that complement the story elements.

Skills Needed to Design Good Levels

To create engaging and immersive game levels, designers must possess a range of skills, including:

  • Artistic ability: A solid understanding of visual design principles is crucial for creating aesthetically appealing levels.
  • Spatial awareness: Level designers must be able to think in three dimensions and plan how players will navigate through the game space.
  • Game mechanics knowledge: Understanding how gameplay mechanics work and interact with each other is essential for creating levels that challenge and engage players.
  • Storytelling: Integrating narrative elements into a level’s design can enhance player immersion and overall engagement.
  • Problem-solving: Designers must possess strong problem-solving skills for overcoming challenges and addressing design limitations that arise during level creation.

Why Learn Level Design?

Learning level design is a valuable skill set for aspiring game developers or those interested in enhancing their game design knowledge. A strong understanding of level design principles can improve overall game quality and player satisfaction. As the gaming industry continues to grow rapidly, level designers are in high demand, making it a viable and exciting career choice for those passionate about game development.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned game developer looking to hone your level design skills, the following list curated by Zenva features some of the best free level design tutorials on YouTube, covering a wide range of topics and tools. Dive in and enhance your game projects with captivating and immersive level designs!

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Open World Level Design

Open Worlds Level Design is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in level design. The beginner-friendly guide offers a comprehensive look at levels should be crafted in relation to games with open worlds. The tutorial covers important aspects such as landmarks and player navigation. You’ll also learn through real-world examples!

Environmental Storytelling

For those passionate about narrative, Environmental Storytelling is a fantastic resource. This tutorial covers how levels aren’t just designed for function – but also to tell stories about the games setting and characters. You’ll cover a variety of topics, and also see how real-world games handle this aspect.

Creating Compelling Characters in Game Design

Characters play a significant role in creating captivating game experiences, which is why Creating Compelling Characters in Game Design is an invaluable tutorial for anyone looking to enhance their level design skills. This tutorial offers insights into:

  • Creating strong and memorable protagonists and antagonists
  • Developing engaging character backgrounds and relationships
  • Integrating character-driven storytelling into level design

By creating compelling characters, you can enhance the overall game experience and enrich your level designs’ narrative aspects.

How to Write Video Games – Game Design

Storytelling is a crucial component of level design. How to Write Video Games – Game Design offers a comprehensive look at the process of creating narratives in games, exploring topics like:

  • Developing engaging storylines and plot points
  • Integrating interactive storytelling within gameplay
  • Using level designs to convey aspects of the story and evoke emotions

Focusing on narrative aspects of level design, this tutorial will teach you how to create captivating and immersive game experiences from a storytelling perspective.

World of Level Design – YouTube Channel

If you’re searching for a plethora of level design content, look no further than the World of Level Design YouTube channel. This channel is a treasure trove of tutorials and guides on various aspects of game environment art and design, including:

  • Modeling and sculpting game assets
  • Level layout and environmental storytelling
  • Creating realistic and stylized game environments
  • Working with popular game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity

This channel offers an extensive range of level design content suitable for beginners and experienced designers alike, making it an essential resource in your learning journey.

UE4 Level Design: The New Workflow

For those familiar with Unreal Engine or eager to learn, UE4 Level Design: The New Workflow is a fantastic tutorial featuring senior designer Jim Brown. He demonstrates the innovative features and tools in Unreal Engine 4 that simplify the level design process, such as:

  • Using the new streamlined toolset to create exciting game worlds
  • Working with terrain and landscape features
  • Creating realistic lighting and atmospheric effects

This tutorial is ideal for designers working with Unreal Engine 4 or looking to transition from previous versions of the engine, providing key insights into the updated workflow and new features.

Polaris V2 – Level Design in Unity

This tutorial addresses common challenges faced when creating levels within the engine, offering useful tips like:

  • Using Unity’s terrain system effectively
  • Optimizing level layouts for player navigation and engagement
  • Implementing lighting and post-processing effects to enhance the player experience

By addressing these challenges, you can create stunning and engaging Unity levels, providing a memorable game experience for players.

Beautiful Level Technique in Unity (Picturesque Design)

Visual artistry is essential for creating compelling levels. Beautiful Level Technique in Unity (Picturesque Design) teaches you how to apply picturesque design principles to your Unity levels. The tutorial demonstrates:

  • Creating eye-catching level designs with visual balance and harmony
  • Applying color theory and composition techniques to enhance the game aesthetics
  • Using lighting and post-processing effects to create atmospheric environments

This tutorial is perfect for those looking to refine their artistic approach to level design and create visually appealing levels in Unity.

World Of Level Design – Full Tutorial

World Of Level Design – Full Tutorial is an in-depth walkthrough that offers a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of level design. The tutorial includes:

  • Links to valuable resources to further expand your knowledge
  • Notes and guidelines for different aspects of level creation
  • Exercises to practice your newfound skills in a hands-on manner

This detailed tutorial is suitable for all skill levels, helping you to enhance your level design skillset and create captivating levels for your game projects.

Creating Modular Pieces in Blender for Level Design

Creating Modular Pieces in Blender for Level Design showcases the process of creating modular pieces using the Blender software. This tutorial is beneficial for those looking to design levels with flexible and reusable assets, covering topics such as:

  • Designing and modeling modular assets in Blender
  • Optimizing models for use in game engines
  • Best practices for creating versatile and reusable level components

With this tutorial, you can learn to create modular assets for level design, streamlining your workflow and increasing your level design capabilities in various engines.

Level Builder – Blender 2.8 Add-On for Level Design

If you’re a Blender user looking to optimize your level design workflow, Level Builder is a must-see tutorial. This add-on for Blender 2.8 is designed to speed up and simplify the level design process, offering benefits like:

  • Intuitive tools for creating and editing levels within Blender
  • Streamlined import and export processes for various game engines
  • Real-time editing and visualization of levels and assets

Level Builder is a powerful tool for those who prefer working in Blender for their level design projects, allowing you to create stunning game environments with ease.

Awesome Level Design in Unity – Free Tutorial

Awesome Level Design in Unity – Free Tutorial is a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to create impressive game levels within the Unity engine. This tutorial covers crucial topics such as:

  • Designing level layouts that facilitate exciting gameplay experiences
  • Working with modular level components for efficient level creation
  • Enhancing level aesthetics with effective lighting and post-processing techniques

This comprehensive tutorial is perfect for those looking to elevate their Unity level design skills and create engaging, visually stunning game levels.


These free YouTube tutorials are a fantastic starting point for aspiring level designers. Each resource offers unique insights and techniques to help you create captivating game worlds that will keep players engaged.

Don’t forget to also check out Zenva’s Game Design Academy to explore more in-depth and beginner-friendly courses to help you on your journey to becoming a skilled level designer.

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