Free Photoshop Pixel Art Courses – Best YouTube Learning Resources

Transform your love for pixel art into a new skill with these top YouTube learning resources. If you have a passion for retro-style games and the nostalgic art of pixel graphics, then these free Photoshop pixel art courses are perfect for you.

Our selection of the best YouTube tutorials will help you learn how to create and animate pixel art using Adobe Photoshop. Plus, don’t forget to check out our Game Artwork Academy, a beginner-friendly resource that teaches you how to create custom pixel art using Photoshop.

What is Pixel Art?

Pixel art is a form of digital art that is created by meticulously arranging small pixels to form intricate images and designs. Despite its retro aesthetics, which evoke early video game visuals, pixel art has maintained its popularity and remains a significant part of modern digital artistry. Pixel artists often work within a limited color palette, resulting in unique and charming visuals that stand out amongst more complex graphic styles.

What is Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a versatile digital art and photo editing software used by professionals and hobbyists alike. It offers an impressive range of features and tools, including layers, filters, brushes, and more, which make it the go-to software for many creatives. Photoshop’s powerful features have made it the industry standard for tasks like image retouching, compositing, and even creating digital art and illustrations.

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Why Photoshop is a Good Tool for Pixel Art

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent tool for creating pixel art because it provides:

  • Precise control: Photoshop offers handy tools like the Pencil tool that allow users to place individual pixels and modify their properties with ease.
  • Customizable canvas sizes: Photoshop enables artists to work on canvases of various sizes, which is particularly useful for creating pixel art from scratch or editing existing designs.
  • Layers and effects: The software supports layers, which facilitate non-destructive editing, and provides various effects and modes for users to create unique pixel art compositions.
  • Compatibility: Photoshop can read and export multiple file formats, making it simple for users to share and use their pixel art creations in other applications.

What Can You Use Pixel Art For?

Pixel art can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Video game graphics: Owing to its stylistic connection with early games, pixel art remains an enduring choice for game designers targeting nostalgic or retro themes.
  • Icons and graphics: Pixel art can be utilized for icons, logos, and other graphic elements, where its crisp lines and limited color palette ensure scalability and visual appeal.
  • Animations: The simplicity and style of pixel art lend themselves well to animations for both online and offline content.
  • Unique designs: Artists and graphic designers can create eye-catching illustrations or posters using pixel art, setting their work apart from traditional digital artwork.

Why You Should Be Excited to Learn Pixel Art

Embracing pixel art can have numerous benefits, such as:

  • Enhancing your skillset: Learning to create pixel art can help widen your artistic skills, enabling you to tackle various styles and formats.
  • Exploring gaming history: As pixel art plays an integral role in the heritage of video games, learning to create it will deepen your appreciation for gaming’s roots.
  • Standing out: Creating pixel art can give your designs a unique and memorable edge, allowing them to stand out in the world of digital artwork.
  • Building patience and precision: The intricate nature of pixel art means that designing it can improve your focus, attention to detail, and patience.

Now that you know more about pixel art and Adobe Photoshop, it’s time to delve into the best resources to help you master this dynamic and exciting art form. Below, you’ll find a curated list of the top free courses and tutorials available both from Zenva and other platforms, enabling you to sharpen your skills and create awe-inspiring pixel art.

Zenva YouTube Channel: Creating PIXEL ART Backgrounds – Photoshop Tutorial

Creating PIXEL ART Backgrounds – Photoshop Tutorial offers a comprehensive guide on how to create custom pixel art using Photoshop. Featured on the Zenva YouTube channel as part of the Game Artwork Academy course, this tutorial covers the essential techniques and tools needed to design unique, engaging pixel art backgrounds for use in games or other digital creations. Viewers will benefit from valuable insights regarding color schemes and design principles, essential for mastering pixel art in Photoshop.

Pixel Art Basics – Adobe Photoshop

In the Pixel Art Basics – Adobe Photoshop tutorial, beginners will learn the fundamentals of pixel art, specifically in a Photoshop context. The tutorial discusses creating pixel art, offering tips for developing custom designs using proper techniques and a cohesive color palette. Those interested in grasping the essentials of pixel art will find this tutorial extremely valuable for starting their creative journey.

Photoshop Pixel Art Tutorial

Photoshop Pixel Art Tutorial showcases step-by-step instructions for creating pixel art in Photoshop. Supported by the Brackeys team on Patreon, this tutorial provides guidance on key aspects of pixel art design and encourages beginners to support the Brackeys community. Master pixel art basics and support fellow creators with this comprehensive tutorial.

Create Retro 8-bit Avatars and Photos

Learn to channel a vintage aesthetic with the Create Retro 8-bit Avatars and Photos tutorial. This video guide teaches you how to craft retro-style pixel art images, perfect for avatars or custom art pieces, and demonstrates how to posterize images in Adobe Photoshop CC. Embrace the nostalgic charm of 8-bit artwork in your next project with this engaging lesson.

Creating Pixel Art in Photoshop CC

For users of the latest Adobe Photoshop versions, the Creating Pixel Art in Photoshop CC tutorial focuses on tips and best practices for crafting pixel art. This tutorial shares techniques for efficiently and effectively working with Photoshop CC, ensuring you stay up to date with the latest software features as you develop your pixel art creations.

How to Create and Animate Pixel Art

Dive into the world of animated pixel art with the How to Create and Animate Pixel Art tutorial. This comprehensive guide teaches you how to create pixel art in Photoshop while avoiding common mistakes, and introduces the software’s timeline feature to animate your creations. Bring your artwork to life with this exciting tutorial.

Simple Pixel Art Creation in Photoshop

The Simple Pixel Art Creation in Photoshop tutorial makes it easy for anyone to jump into pixel art design. In this beginner-friendly guide, learn simple steps to create pixel art in Adobe Photoshop, along with additional resources to further expand your skillset. Unleash your creativity and build a strong foundation in pixel art with this tutorial.

Pixel Art in Photoshop – Clipping Path Wise

Perfect for beginners, the Pixel Art in Photoshop – Clipping Path Wise tutorial offers step-by-step instructions for creating pixel art in Photoshop. Learn to design unique pixel art for graphics, games, and animations, covering everything from color selection to image manipulation. This tutorial is ideal for new artists taking their first steps into pixel art creation.

Beginner’s Guide to Pixel Art in Photoshop

Embark on your pixel art journey with the Beginner’s Guide to Pixel Art in Photoshop tutorial. This engaging video covers the fundamentals of pixel art and offers a simple, beginner-friendly approach to learning. Establish a solid understanding of pixel art principles and techniques while exploring the versatility of Photoshop for crafting unique designs.


From video games to digital art, pixel art has stood the test of time as a creative and nostalgic style. These free YouTube learning resources will help you master Adobe Photoshop to create stunning pixel art for your personal projects.

And don’t forget to join our Game Artwork Academy for comprehensive, beginner-friendly guidance on how to create custom pixel art with Photoshop.

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