The King of the Throne – Interview with Fernando Giovanini

Team King Monkey is a very small company (3 people) trying to make their way into the game developing world. We are focused on neat, fun andhigh quality games. The King Of The Throne is our first game. We started it more than a year ago, spending our spare time and more into it.`

This week, we interviewed Fernando Giovanini about his game “The King of the Throne”



Tell us more about your game Fernando

The king of the Throne is a skill game where the aim is the key to defeat the rats and open new levels.
It includes:
– HD tablet-optimized graphics.
– 3 worlds y 60 levels (More coming up soon).
– 3 Bonus levels (mini games to get coins).
– 1 boss per world to defeat.
– Power ups and items (bombs, dynamites, and more) to help you beat the rats.

And how did you come with the idea of doing this? 

Each of us loves tower defense games. We are huge fans of Plants Vs Zombies. We basically wanted to combine those 2 things, and wrap it up with some childish story and quality graphics.

What about the development of the game, how was that? 

The development was painful as any first game can be. We expend over a year of our free time to develop this game, trying to polish it to the max, trying to make it fun over all.

Painful but rewarding right? What’s the most important lesson you learned during the process? 

Test, test and test. Every time we thought it was finish, we found something that didn’t fit, something that maybe will be better in the other side of the screen, and that took a lot of time, investigating what other people do, how players play similar games, etc.

Now that your game is out, what advice would you give someone who’s starting out? 

Define your idea and stick to it. But be flexible enough to change things that outside people – people who are not involved in the game development – don’t fully understand.

Anything else you’d like to tell the readers? 

Enjoy the beta, give all the suggestions you think we can use. We love to hear your ideas.

Thanks a lot Fernando for sharing your expertise with us! 


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