WordPress Plugin Development for Beginners, Build 8 Plugins

WordPress Plugin Development for Beginners, Build 8 Plugins

Over 26% of today’s websites are powered by WordPress and they all have one thing in common;  they use plugins.  Start learning to develop plugins for WordPress here. You will learn WordPress plugin development from scratch by developing 8 simple plugins that covers the art and science of WordPress plugins. Some of what you will learn … Read more

WordPress Plugin Development Quickies – Useful Code Snippets

Wordpress Plugin Development Tutorial

This post is a collection of short but useful WordPress snippets. Become a professional WordPress Plugin developer Take our online course WordPress Plugin Development – Learn by Building 8 Plugins to gain all the skills you need to start creating your own WordPress Plugins with PHP. Get the blog name in WordPress: bloginfo( 'name' ); … Read more

Very Simple Tips to Protect your WordPress Site from Attacks

website security tutorial

WordPress is an Open Source CMS driven and extended by an incredibly large community. This has a lot of advantages: – Free or affordable access to a large variety of plugins, themes and tools to add “super powers” to your site. – Bugs are found and fixed fast. – Being as simple to use as … Read more

How to Create WordPress Dashboard Widgets

how to create wordpress dashboard widgets

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your very own custom WordPress dashboard widget- a widget that will be displayed on your Dashboard page upon logging into WordPress? To get started, add the following contents to the functions.php file in your current theme directory: <!–?php function dashboard_widget_function(){ # We are defining the dashboard widget function and … Read more