Developer Job Outlook 2022: Software, Web, Python, & Games

Developer Job Prospects: In-Demand Industries for 2021

As technology takes over our lives, more and more people look to STEM-related industries for their careers. Whether a new graduate or someone looking to change careers, these industries offer a fresh appeal with a lot of potential for growth. As such, it is no surprise that becoming a developer is a goal for many … Read more

How to Code a Game – A Guide for Your First Video Game

How to Code a Game

If you’ve ever wanted to create a game, you might know that some form of coding is required (beyond the actual video game design that is).  Coding is, after all, what essentially makes the magic of games happen behind the scenes.  So, becoming a game developer, whether professional or as a hobbyist, does require you … Read more

An Introduction to Insertion Sort: Sorting Tutorials

In this article, we’re going to explore insertion sort – a popular, simple sorting algorithm for handling array data. Knowing the insertion sort algorithm will not only improve your computer science knowledge in general, but is a fantastic sorting method when it comes to small sets of array data – especially compared to many other … Read more

How to Use Recursion – Programming Tutorial

How to Use Recursion - Programming Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be examining recursion and recursive functions. Recursion is simply when a function calls itself, and recursive functions have a wide range of applications from solving puzzles to procedural generation. Let’s learn about recursion! Overview In mathematics, a “Recursive Sequence” is a sequence that refers back to itself. In computer science, … Read more

A Guide to Quick Sort: Sorting Algorithms

A Guide to Quick Sort: Sorting Algorithms

In this tutorial, we are going to be looking at quick sort algorithms, their syntax, and usages. The quick sort algorithm is a time and memory-efficient sorting algorithm, and knowing this algorithm will give you the ability to solve a wide range of sorting problems. Let’s get started! Overview A quick sort algorithm is built … Read more

Coding for Kids: Languages and Project Ideas

Coding for Kids: Languages and Project Ideas

Teaching coding for kids can be an immensely rewarding experience, as it provides kids with an important boost for their future and can enrich their lives. For parents and teachers, it can also be an excellent challenge, as coding presents obstacles not found in other sorts of subjects. One of the best ways to learn … Read more

What is Coding and Why Learn to Code?

What is Coding and Why Learn to Code?

Want to learn how to code? As technology becomes more prevalent in our lives, this is a question that comes up more and more.  Computer coding has, more or less, taken over large aspects of our everyday lives and changed the way we interact with the world in amazing ways thanks to computer science. However, … Read more

What is a Developer? Getting to Know the Industry

Sometimes, the world is a bit presumptuous, and assumes that everyone understands every piece of technical jargon. We throw around job titles as if every aspect about them is common knowledge, and anyone who isn’t sure holds their tongue in fear of social judgment. “Developer” is one such title we believe falls into this category. … Read more

Learn to Code for Beginners – Game Development

How to Learn Coding for Beginners

If you’ve ever wanted to create a video game, you may know that you need to learn to be a coder to accomplish this. For some people, they see coding as this impossible challenge in a similar vein to all of computer science, barring their way into the game development industry and becoming a coder. … Read more