Able Game Development #2 – Re-mappable Keys

Construct2 Able Game Development

Hi everyone! I’m in the mood of writing tutorials now so why don’t we continue our able game development series! This is the second part after at the first tutorial I talked about adding another control configurations for your game to accommodate people with disabilities. This time I’m writing about remappable keys! If in the … Read moreAble Game Development #2 – Re-mappable Keys

Able Game Development #1 – The Control

8 direction behavior

Hi there everyone! It’s been really a while since I last write a tutorial here, the last time it was a series of RPG tutorials. Now I feel like I want to write another series of tutorials, this time I called it able game development. What is this? It’s about designing and making a game … Read moreAble Game Development #1 – The Control

How to Master Chrome Developer Tools

When making HTML5 games you should consider Chrome and the debugging tools it comes with as your best allied. Every little trick you learn when using it proves to be really useful as you progress down the road and can save you hours of pain. If you want a complete overview of what you can … Read moreHow to Master Chrome Developer Tools