Free Course – Master the Unreal Engine

Free Course - Master the Unreal Engine

Prepare to build beautiful, photo-realistic 3D games by exploring the foundations of the Unreal Engine. Not only is this course free and suited for beginners, but you’ll learn 3D game development with tools used by indie and AAA game studios alike! You can also download the project files used for the course below. Download the … Read more

How to Train a Machine Learning Agent via Demonstration

Whenever a human learns a new subject, whether it be a musical instrument or a new language, there’s always a theme of “trial and error.” Attempting to get the correct finger placement on the violin or correct pronunciation of a foreign word oftentimes involves getting it wrong several times over. This is a well-known way … Read more

How to Playtest your Game – Game Design Tips

How to Playtest your Game - Game Design Tips

At some point during the game development and game design process, you’re going to be faced with a terrifying prospect: having to have another person experience the game that you’ve made. It’s never an easy thing to put yourself out there like that, but it’s an important step to take if you have plans to … Read more

How to Make AIs Target Objects with Unity ML Agents

a gif of the first training attempt

Introduction We often hear in the news about this thing called “machine learning” and how computers are “learning” to perform certain tasks. From the examples we see, it almost seems like magic when a computer creates perfect landscapes from thin air or makes a painting talk. But what is often overlooked, and what we want … Read more

Optimizing Mobile Apps in Unity

Web Class: Mobile Game Development

You can access the full course here: Mobile Game Development for Beginners Caching Objects In Unity, there’s many functions we can use to easily get objects/components. GameObject.Find GameObject.GetComponent GameObject.FindObjectOfType GameObject.FindObjectWithTag Camera.main Calling these every frame or frequently is not recommended. What you should do, is cache the object so that you can easily use it … Read more

An Overview of Unity Analytics Development

You can access the full course here: Data-Driven Development with Unity Analytics Part 1 In this lesson you will be creating a demo game to use for interacting with the analytics system. For this demo, you will be making a simple button interface that will allow you to trigger different events that Unity will record. … Read more

Using Objective Indicators to Enhance Your Unity Project – Part 2

Introduction In this second tutorial, we’ll be creating a multi-indicator system based on the core methods we employed in Part 1. This upgraded project will include a custom dynamic link library, multiple indicator control, and user definable UI sprites. Tutorial Requirements To complete this tutorial, you’ll require a basic understanding of Unity and Visual Studio … Read more