How to Prevent Simulator Sickness

You can access our full Virtual Reality course-set here: Virtual Reality Mini-Degree Simulator / VR Sickness Body sensations don’t match visual stimuli Sensitivity varies between people Must test with A LOT of people Science / biology is unknown Trial and error is revealing what works and what doesn’t Known Triggers Forcing rotation on the user’s … Read moreHow to Prevent Simulator Sickness

How to Use Phaser Signals to Save Game Statistics

Sometimes in a game you want to be aware of events that occur in your game the whole time, wether it would be to save game statistics or to build an achievement system. For example, your game may need to know when an enemy is killed to save the number of killed enemies, or because … Read moreHow to Use Phaser Signals to Save Game Statistics

How to Build 3D Algorithms with Unity3D

Project download is located This week, we will again talk about algorithms with Unity3D. The main focus will be to take a main idea and build it. We will start with breaking the concept down into smaller, more manageable sections and build up to the main idea. So, the idea we want to have in … Read moreHow to Build 3D Algorithms with Unity3D

The Complete Guide to Debugging Phaser Games

Game development is hard work. Just like any form of software development there are going to be bugs in the code. Debugging games can be especially challenging due to their fast paced real time nature. Fortunately, Phaser comes with quite a few tools built in to help you debug your games. Other than reading the … Read moreThe Complete Guide to Debugging Phaser Games

Super Charge your Phaser Games with Premium Plugins

Did you know that here are premium plugins available for the Phaser framework? They all come with excellent documentation, examples, and support from the developers behind this awesome framework. These are the official premium plugins: 1. Virtual Joystick Plugin This plugin gives you a fully customizable touch control with just 2 lines of code. Compatible … Read moreSuper Charge your Phaser Games with Premium Plugins

How to Create a Loading Screen in Phaser

When you open a game, one of the first things that occur as that image and asset files need to be loaded from the disk or from remote sources. You can’t make your player wait with a blank screen as that would create a bad experience. Instead, what people do is create loading screens that … Read moreHow to Create a Loading Screen in Phaser

Git and Github Fundamentals

Git and Github Fundamentals

Whether you’re learning development for the first time, or, you’ve been at it for years, the concept of version control is critical. If you’ve ever lost code, or needed to revert to an earlier version of your application, you already understand the need for version control. If you work in a team, GitHub is a requirement to organize and … Read moreGit and Github Fundamentals

How to Create a Critical Path Walkthrough on Games

game design critical path

What is a Critical Path Walkthrough? Wikipedia says a critical path is “the longest necessary path through a network of activities”. In game terms, it’s the longest path through your game a player needs to take to complete your game. However, I like to look at it another way: what’s the shortest route your player … Read moreHow to Create a Critical Path Walkthrough on Games

Able Game Development #2 – Re-mappable Keys

Construct2 Able Game Development

Hi everyone! I’m in the mood of writing tutorials now so why don’t we continue our able game development series! This is the second part after at the first tutorial I talked about adding another control configurations for your game to accommodate people with disabilities. This time I’m writing about remappable keys! If in the … Read moreAble Game Development #2 – Re-mappable Keys

Able Game Development #1 – The Control

8 direction behavior

Hi there everyone! It’s been really a while since I last write a tutorial here, the last time it was a series of RPG tutorials. Now I feel like I want to write another series of tutorials, this time I called it able game development. What is this? It’s about designing and making a game … Read moreAble Game Development #1 – The Control