How to Create a Virtual Reality Tour in Unity for the GearVR

Virtual reality allows us to immersive ourselves in 3D worlds. This tutorial will show you how to create a VR tour of multiple worlds. In the process, we will be importing Blender models, creating interactive UI components, and switching scenes. Source Code Files You can download the complete project . I created this project in … Read more

Creating Augmented Reality Cards with Unity and ARToolkit

This first tutorial on augmented reality (AR) will cover the basics of making a personalised (digital) birthday card. Download the source code You can download all of the files associated with this tutorial from . Augmented reality AR is the process of putting digital content (images, videos, 3D models, …) on top of your surroundings … Read more

GearVR Game Development – How to Create a VR Game in Unity

Several years ago, virtual reality for the average consumer was still the realm of science fiction.  This changed with the release of Samsung’s Gear VR in 2015. Now, if you own a Samsung Galaxy or Note smartphone, you can enjoy virtual reality games and experiences with a $50-$100 Gear VR headset, powered by your phone. Take … Read more

3D Programming with WebGL and Babylon.js for Beginners

3D Programming with WebGL and Babylon.js for Beginners

You can display 3D images in all browsers without the use of plugins. This course shows you how to use WebGL and Babylon.js to create 3D scenes and animations. Use existing 3D models from Blender and incorporate Babylon.js into existing websites. Give yourself the basic tools to build 3D games for browsers, display 3D models … Read more

js13kGames Tutorial – How to Make a Text Game with HTML5

javascript text game js13kgames tutorial

Most games focus on impressing you with beautiful artwork and graphic assets. Computer and GPU performance is pushed further and further in order to render the most elaborated game graphics. But what if you could make games that leave the rendering and graphic asset creation aspects to the world’s most power GPU: your imagination? That’s … Read more

[Videocurso] Juegos Móviles Multiplataforma con HTML5 – Juego Educativo

Juegos Móviles Multiplataforma con HTML5 – Juego Educativo

Te gustaría aprender desde cero a crear juegos para todos los dispositivos? Deja de postergar tus sueños y comienza HOY con este curso donde paso a paso desarrollaremos un juego educativo con la librería de JavaScript Quintus, la cual permite crear juegos en 2D que funcionan en computadores de escritorio, teléfonos, tablets y smart tvs. … Read more

Intro to HTML5 Mobile Game Development with Quintus

html5 quintus mobile game development tutorial

Quintus is a lightweight JavaScript HTML5 game development framework created by Pascal Rettig. Making games with Quintus is really easy if you have basic JavaScript skills. The great thing about it is that your games will run on desktop, mobile phones, tablets, smart tvs and any HTML5 supporting device. You can learn how to create … Read more

Creating a 3D chart for your Windows 8.1 app using Babylon.js

Learn WebGL and Babylon.js at your own pace Feel free to check out our online course 3D Programming with WebGL and Babylon.js for Beginners on Zenva Academy. The course covers the Babylon.js framework and explains all you need to get started with using this fantastic library in new or existing projects. Tutorial Windows 8.1 added the … Read more