Develop a Reusable Quiz UI in Unity

You can access the full course here: Develop a Reusable Quiz System In this course we’ll make a multiple choice quiz game. Specifically, we’ll be able to: Ask different questions and provide multiple answers for player to choose from. Ask different kinds of questions, including ordinary text questions (“What does this word mean?”), image questions … Read more

HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

Learn to code and create a huge portfolio of both mobile and desktop games with the complete Phaser 3 and JavaScript game development curriculum. The HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree is the world’s most comprehensive on-demand curriculum. Learn to code and create impressive games with Phaser 3, the JavaScript library that took the developer community by … Read more

Virtual Reality Mini-Degree

Become a professional VR developer as you learn to code and create 15 immersive games in Unity from the ground up – no prior programming experience required!  Welcome to the world’s most comprehensive online curriculum on VR game development, where you will learn and master the foundations of C#, Unity and VR by building practical … Read more

The Unity Game Development Mini-Degree

Go from Zero to Professional Game Programmer as you build 2D, 3D, Mobile, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Games with Unity! The Unity Game Development Mini-Degree is a massive collection of online courses that will teach you how to code and build impressive games with Unity. Beginning with the fundamentals of coding and the basics of the … Read more

Augmented Reality Game Development with Unity and Vuforia

Introduction In the past few years, augmented reality has become very popular. From expensive devices like the Hololens, to your own pocket devices with Apple’s Arkit and Arcore for Android, augmented reality is fast becoming widely available. In this tutorial, we will make a simple project which utilizes image detection and motion tracking. The project … Read more

Free eBook – VR Game Development with Unity for Human Beings

VR Game Development Unity

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new eBook Mobile VR Game Development with Unity for Human Beings. Written by software developer and technical writer Shang-Lin Chen, this resource provides you with a step-by-step guide to developing Virtual Reality games for the GearVR platform. Beginning with the basics of VR game creation in Unity, you … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to A-Frame

Introduction WebVR is a JavaScript API that allows VR experiences to run in a web browser on VR headsets, mobile phones and tablets, and regular computers. This tutorial will introduce you to WebVR development by creating a first-person shooter game using the A-Frame framework. To follow along, basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript are required. … Read more