Developer Job Outlook 2022: Software, Web, Python, & Games

Developer Job Prospects: In-Demand Industries for 2021

As technology takes over our lives, more and more people look to STEM-related industries for their careers. Whether a new graduate or someone looking to change careers, these industries offer a fresh appeal with a lot of potential for growth. As such, it is no surprise that becoming a developer is a goal for many … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Learning C

Welcome to this definitive guide where we’ll teach you about the C programming language – as well as get you started with learning how to code with it! C is consistently ranked as the #1 or #2 programming language, so you can be sure this information will help you find success in your hobbies or … Read more

What is Coding and Why Learn to Code?

What is Coding and Why Learn to Code?

Want to learn how to code? As technology becomes more prevalent in our lives, this is a question that comes up more and more.  Computer coding has, more or less, taken over large aspects of our everyday lives and changed the way we interact with the world in amazing ways thanks to computer science. However, … Read more

What is a Developer? Getting to Know the Industry

Sometimes, the world is a bit presumptuous, and assumes that everyone understands every piece of technical jargon. We throw around job titles as if every aspect about them is common knowledge, and anyone who isn’t sure holds their tongue in fear of social judgment. “Developer” is one such title we believe falls into this category. … Read more

Learn to Code for Beginners – Game Development

How to Learn Coding for Beginners

If you’ve ever wanted to create a video game, you may know that you need to learn to be a coder to accomplish this. For some people, they see coding as this impossible challenge in a similar vein to all of computer science, barring their way into the game development industry and becoming a coder. … Read more

Best Programming Languages to Learn to Code: 2022 Edition

Best Programming Languages to Learn to Code: 2020 Edition

When it comes to programming languages to learn and use, there are a lot of options to choose from.  Some popular programming languages have stood the test of time and been around for ages, outlasting numerous changes to the technology industry.  Still, many programming languages are relatively new as well, developed to adapt to those … Read more

Software Developer Career Outlook – 2022 Edition

Software Developer Career Outlook - 2021 Edition

How often do you use a computer or a smartphone in your daily life? For many people, computers and smartphones have become a constant companion in life. It allows people to write text documents, keep appointments on their calendar, have a calculator on hand, and many other useful tasks we sometimes take for granted. However, … Read more

Learn String Functions in C++

Learn String Functions in C++

You can access the full course here: The Complete Introduction to C++ Now that we know how to use functions, let’s take a look at some library functions. Strings come with a lot of functionality that can help retrieve properties or modify the string in some way. We will take a look at 6 functions: size() empty() substr(index, … Read more

A Guide to Compiled vs. Interpreted Programming Languages

Compiled vs. Interpreted Programming Languages

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your computer science skills or dive into a new programming language, there is one question you’ll probably come across: compiled vs. interpreted languages. While these terms are thrown around a lot, the difference between the two is not always conveyed – nor why this matters when you start getting into … Read more

Free Course – Explore Game Maps with C++

Free Course - Explore Game Maps with C++

Learn C++ game coding by creating a tile-based map – a perfect step for developing roguelike games and more! You can also extend the material covered here by checking out the full course below! Build a Roguelike Game with C++ and SFML About With instructor Nimish Narang, you’ll learn how to take your C++ games … Read more