The Complete Mobile Game Development Course – Platinum Edition

The Complete Mobile Game Development Course – Platinum Edition

This is THE course to get you on the road to becoming a game developer. You will learn by creating Real-World projects and at the end of the course you will have 15 mobile games that you have built from the ground up. As you work through this course, you’ll build  apps using JavaScript and the free … Read more

js13kGames Tutorial Video Series

Js13KGames Video Tutorial Series

In this video series made for our YouTube channel subscribers, we cover the creation of a simple “cross the road” / “frogger” type of game using the Kontra JavaScript micro-framework. This 4-part tutorial is not just about programming. We also cover other important aspects such as the creation of a level using Tiled, how to … Read more

Free Ebook – Game Development for Human Beings

Phaser Game Development Ebook

We are happy to announce the launch of our free ebook Game Development for Human Beings – Build Cross-Platform Games with Phaser, authored by a highly skilled group of software engineers and game developers: Kristen Dyrr, Pablo Farias Navarro, Renan Oliveria and Ben Sparks. The book has over 420 pages and covers all the way … Read more

How to use Pathfinding in Phaser

Suppose you’re building a strategy game. The game will have player and enemy units which navigate through a map full of obstacles. While the player units will be controlled by clicking on the map positions, the enemies will walk alone, following any AI strategy. You may have noticed that, given an origin and target positions, … Read more

How to Make a Bomberman Game in Phaser – Part 3

In the last tutorial, we added content to our Bomberman game, such as lives, items and more levels. In this tutorial, we will make it multiplayer, by adding a second player. We will also add a battle game mode, where the two players must compete agains each other. The following topics will be covered: Creating … Read more

How to Make a Bomberman Game in Phaser – Part 1

In this tutorial we will start building a Bomberman game. We will add the basic structure in this tutorial and keep adding content in the following tutorials. In this tutorial, I will cover the following content: Reading a Tiled map Creating a player that moves in four directions and drop bombs Creating a bomb that … Read more

400-page Phaser Ebook with Games and Tutorials

Update: Interphase volume 2 has been announced! It will include an additional 8 games + several tutorials. This new ebook is currently on pre-sale and you can grab it at a discount here. *** Richard Davey, the developer behind the awesome Phaser framework just released an incredible 400-page ebook titled Interphase volume 1, inspired by … Read more