Creating a Retro Base Defender Game

Web Class: Create a Rocket Defender Game

You can access the full course here: Unity 2D Projects – Rocket Defender Part 1 Welcome to Zenva’s Retro Series – Rocket Defender course.  Throughout this course, we’re going to build a base defending game where we protect our bases from falling enemies using rockets.  In this lesson, we’re going to lay out our level. … Read moreCreating a Retro Base Defender Game

Creating a Multiplayer Battle Royale Map & Camera

Web Class: Construct a Multiplayer Battle Royale

You can access the full course here: Battle Royale – Multiplayer Projects Part 1 Folder Structure Let’s start by setting up out folder structure and 2 scenes. Materials Models Photon Prefabs Resources Scenes Game scene Menu scene Scripts Textures Menu Scene In our menu scene, let’s setup the camera for when we do the menu UI … Read moreCreating a Multiplayer Battle Royale Map & Camera

HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

Learn to code and create a huge portfolio of both mobile and desktop games with the complete Phaser 3 and JavaScript game development curriculum. The HTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree is the world’s most comprehensive on-demand curriculum. Learn to code and create impressive games with Phaser 3, the JavaScript library that took the developer community by … Read moreHTML5 Game Development Mini-Degree

Gear VR Game Development – Creating a Space Shooter Game

In my previous GearVR tutorial, we learned to set up Unity, the Android SDK, and a phone for Gear VR development. We also created a simple scene with basic shapes and gaze-based interaction. In this tutorial, we will use this knowledge to create a shooting game. We will be replacing the basic shapes with more … Read moreGear VR Game Development – Creating a Space Shooter Game

How to make a game in Unity3D – Part 2

Fractal artwork used under the GPL 3.0 License from Download link for complete project . become a professional vr game developer with unity Pre-Order The Complete Virtual Reality Game Development with Unity and learn to create immersive games and experiences by building 10 VR games. The course assumes no prior Unity or VR experience … Read moreHow to make a game in Unity3D – Part 2

How to make a game in Unity3D – Part 1

Today, we will finally start developing a game using everything we have learned in Unity3D. I have thought long and hard about how we should go about doing this and have decided to do the proper route. The proper route is we design, prototype, and implement the game. The tutorial today will be all about … Read moreHow to make a game in Unity3D – Part 1

Intro to 2D Game Development with Stencyl

Creating your first computer game is only a few hours away! Stop postponing your dreams and get on to that game idea :)

No prior experience is required to take this course. Learning from the ground up, you will acquire all the skills necessary to Design and Create your very own computer games, which can then be shared with your friends, or even published to commercial markets such as flash portals, the App Store & Google Play.

Using the unique logic block system of Stencyl thought in this Stencyl Course, you will be able to create a game of any genre, quickly and effectively. Please follow through the lectures sequentially, and always maximize the videos to get the most out of them.

For the most effective learning experience, it is essential that you pay close attention to each lecture in order, and then complete the task yourself. If you struggle, watch the video again until you get the full sense of the lesson.

Get excited, this is a learning experience you’ll never forget. Prepare to start making your own games with Stencyl.

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