Join Zenva’s #GameDev Compo – Make a Game and Win Prizes

The compo has ended!

Big thanks to everyone who participated! Huge congrats to the winning entries:

  1. Stefan Neidig with Bots
  2. Jorge Noro with Oblivious
  3. Caio Marchi Gomes do Amaral with Dungeon Lurer

Stay tuned for articles featuring all games + interview to Stefan.


Hi everyone! We at Zenva are happy to announce our first ever Phaser Hackathon! We are excited to see the creative and fun games we know you guys are capable of making using the awesome Phaser HTML5 development framework. See below for details!

Key Dates

Here is some important information to keep an eye on

  1. The Zenva Phaser Hackathon will run from July 6th through to July 30th and is an online competition
  2. Submissions must be made by 11:59 PM PST on July 30th

Participating is entirely free. You don’t need to be enrolled in our courses to join.

Zenva Phaser Hackathon

Goal and Game Topic

The topic is entirely free. The goal is to create a fun and interactive online game using Phaser to spread awareness about this wonderful framework, and how our courses can help aspiring developers achieve their game development goals.

Prizes – 1st Place

  • The winner of the Hackathon will get free access to a bundle of +1800 USD worth of online courses containing the following titles:
  • The winner will also receive a $200 cash award which will be transferred via Paypal.
  • In addition, the winning submission, and the personal website/portfolio of the winner, will be shared to our entire mailing list (which consists +70,000 eager developers) as well as our social media channels.
  • The game will also be showcased in our Phaser course product page for all to see.
  • Lastly, the winner will be able to list that they won the first ever Phaser Hackathon held by Zenva Academy — be it on LinkedIn or their professional website — and they’ll have an award-winning game to add to their portfolio.

Prizes – 2nd and 3rd Places

Prize for all submissions

  • All submissions will be featured in an article on GameDev Academy and shared with our entire mailing list and followers.

Game Specifications

Here are the specification requirements for the game submission

  • The game must be developed using the Phaser HTML5 game development framework (see to download and install it)
  • No other external libraries can be included
  • The game must be designed for a 640×360 screen resolution and scaled using the SHOW_ALL option, such that it is easily playable on both a mobile device screen and typical desktop resolutions
  • The maximum size of the completed game should be no more than 500 KB, this includes all the code except for the Phaser library, all the assets (images, sound, json files, tmx files, etc), UNZIPPED. Also the game won’t be zipped, so the 500 KB is for the game project unzipped, excluding ONLY the Phaser library.
  • Minification of assets is allowed
  • For the submitted entry, we need to be able to run index.html on a local web server. We won’t be executing commands like npm install, grunt, webpack, etc. You can use those tools in your personal workflow but for the submission we’ll only open index.html
  • The game can’t load assets hosted elsewhere. All the assets need to be run locally.
  • This is a client-side only game, to be played in the browser (this is NOT a Cordova game or a game made into an executable file).
  • The game must be made available in a public Github repository and it must be open source by including a file named “License.txt” with the content of the MIT License.
  • The game must work both on desktop computer and mobile phones with a touch screen.
  • Only one game submission per person.

Asset Guidelines

On incorporating audio and visual assets into the game, the following should be adhered

  • Acceptable assets that can be used for graphics and visuals animations are those used in the course The Complete Mobile Game Development Course – Platinum Edition, those available on the Kenney Assets Website, or artwork available on the Open Game Art Website (those listed with a CC or Public Domain License only)
  • Sounds and audio files that may be used in the submitted game are those available on the Free Sound Website (those listed with a CC0 or Public Domain License only). Audio files from other sources will not be accepted
  • Please make a note of where you are utilizing assets from, as you will have to include links to the assets used in the game upon submission
  • You can make minor modifications to the assets described above. For instance, you can cut, filter or downsize a segment of a sound file. You can divide a spritesheet into smaller images, scale images, make minor modifications. The spirit here is to build a game with existing assets, as this is not a game artwork competition.

Judging Criteria

ZENVA staff will review all the submissions and determine the winners based on:

  • Fun playing experience – is it fun and engaging?
  • Polish – does it look good? attention to detail?
  • Absence of bugs – does it crash?
  • Cross-platform – does it play well both on desktop and mobile?

Submission Form

To enter, please complete the online submission form located here

ANYONE can join this hackathon! You don’t need to be enrolled in any of our courses

Best of luck to all, and we’re rooting for each and every one of you!



Published by

Pablo Farias Navarro

Pablo is an educator, developer and entrepreneur. Founder of Zenva, Pablo has published over 30 online courses that teach game, app and web development. Pablo has also created educational content for companies such as Amazon and Intel.

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72 Comments on "Join Zenva’s #GameDev Compo – Make a Game and Win Prizes"

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Is that 500 KB including game asset (images, audios) or just code?


Awesome news. Can Webpack be used? I guess as long as Phaser Engine is a separate file it shouldn’t matter. Also, do we need a simple HTML page with white/black background?

Tim Bonzon

Can we create our own assets? Or do we have to use the ones from Open Game Art and Free Sound?


Can multiple people work on the same project or are we required to work alone?


Is the resolution fixed or can we go horizontal/vertical as needed? Can it be 640×360 or 360×640?


Can I use all Kenney asset (audio, images) or just these sprites/tiles/audios which you are using in the Platinum Edition?


Can i use Tiled to create and load json tilemap?


Maybe you should give a template with the fixed tech requirement to build upon.


maybe you should give a template with the fixed tech requirements to build upon?


OK I can’t use jsFxr


Which of these licenses are valid?
– CC-BY 4.0
– CC-BY 3.0
– CC-BY-SA 4.0
– CC-BY-SA 3.0
– GPL 3.0
– GPL 2.0
– OGA-BY 3.0
– CC0
– LGPL 3.0
– LGPL 2.1


Hi! When you say that no other library’s can be included, does that mean that for example I can’t include an A* library, or is i just to prevent people from using other renderers, physics engines, etc… ?


Questions about mobile, by judges it will be tested using XDK or you’ll compiled using Cordova and tested as native app?


1. License.txt, .gitignore and also counts in the 500 KB?
2. Where we can send you link to repo?


Can I change the color of any assets?


Hello I just submitted my game. Just had a question in regards to the submission. Is there a email address to contact. thank you


Hi there, just to get things right: Is it okay to use sounds from Open Game Art, or just sounds from the Free Sound website?


How is the filesize of the game measured? I have a repo containing all sorts of files (i.e package.json, gulpfile, …). With them the repo has several megabytes. But the only game relevant files are the index.html, the assets and dist directory. In the submission form I can only provide a link to the actual repo. Should I remove all irrelevant files from the repo in order to match the 500 KB file limit? If so what about the readme and license file taking also several Bytes?

Caio Marchi

Hi! Is that ok to publish my game on
Is there a tag I can use on it to link it to other submissions of this competition?


Sorry to come so late, but GPL 3.0 or GPL 2.0 are also ok to use right?


Welp, I’m not gonna finish this one in time.

However, this contest made me “speed learn” Phaser at a rather rapid rate, only having nights and weekends, trying to finish something worthwhile.

I learned A LOT just from doing this!

It’s now July 31, 2:59 AM, EST here, which would be July 30, 11:59 PM, PST according to the rules.

Was a good run, tho. I’m still going to work finish up my game!
There no way in hell I’m letting all this work go to waste.

– C. out.


Good to hear that. There are several platforms (e.g. where you can host your finished game for free, so that you can share it with others.


Thanks, Stefan.

Yeah, I’ve heard of, so I’ll look into that.

Even though I was almost done, at least now, I can go back and take my time on those parts that were rushed (mostly polish, feedback, and no audio) as well as work on the things I decided to leave out – some of them at the last minute!

-C. out.


Hey @Zenva. How are the reviews going? Any news? 🙂




Don’t hold your breath.. I assume they’ve given up… Pretty piss poor organisation of a contest IMO.


Why so salty? The competition had its issues of course. But as they said it was the first of its kind and they take feedback in order to make it better the next time. In the meanwhile the winners were announced in twitter and in their mailing list. Your feedback that the should have posted something here is something that they’re happy to hear about I suppose 😉


Fair point – I think this page should have been updated to reflect that – Rather than the generic “results next week” message


Exactly! I hope Pablo will do this in order to show that the competition as well as the grading is over.


Pablo is too long on the market with its Zenva, I don’t believe that he gave up, I’m pretty sure there is a reason.
If the organisation was bad, then you can organise your own hackathon, spending your time to prepare, organise, while parallel running its own business as Pablo, with own prices and then we’ll judge which one competition is better.
Just text me on about that, once it’ll be ready 😉