Zenva vs Udemy – 2022 Complete Comparison

Zenva vs Udemy - Complete Comparison

Ready to learn, but aren’t sure whether Udemy or Zenva has the best online programming courses for 2022? While both platforms offer a wide variety of coding courses that let you learn coding online for multiple programming languages, there are some notable differences between them that can make or break your learning experience. Today, we’re … Read more

Intel Features our Founder and Learning Community

Zenva’s Founder Pablo Farias Navarro was recognized by Intel as an Innovator of Tomorrow. In this interview, hear as he shares his story, and how Zenva was inspired by his dream to make learning to code accessible to everyone. Today, Zenva has inspired over 350,000 students to learn programming and upgrade their development knowledge – … Read more

Student Success! Creating Games with Yone Moreno Jimenez

Hey everyone! Recently, we released a special collection of courses – the Discover Unity Game Development curriculum, which was included as part of the Humble Unity Bundle.  Yone Moreno Jimenez was one of many students who grabbed this bundle, and he has already worked through several of the courses, and published his creations for the world … Read more

Student Success! Conquering Apple’s App Store with Last Survivor by Jason Lai

Student Success: Conquering Apple's App Store with Last Survivor by Jason Lai

Welcome everyone! Today, we’ll be living it up in the aftermath of a deadly zombie virus infection — as a last man standing of sorts —  with Last Survivor! Without further ado, meet Jason Lai, a Zenva Academy student whose stunning title we are featuring today, Last Survivor (MacOS).  Breeze through our interview with Jason, … Read more

Student Success! Winning the Zenva Phaser Hackathon with Stefan Neidig

Hey everyone! Recently, we displayed the amazing games that our awesome participants created for the first Phaser Hackathon that we’ve ever held. Subsequent to that, we also just finished interviewing the winner of that very hackathon. Read on below to hear the experience of competing in — and winning — the very first Zenva Phaser … Read more