Understanding 2D Animations in Unity3D

Welcome to another exciting tutorial on Unity3D. Today’s lesson will focus on animations within Unity3D. Since animations occur not only in 2D games but 3D games as well, Ive decided to break this up into two separate tutorials. This tutorial will focus on 2D animations, and a subsequent tutorial in the future will discuss 3D … Read moreUnderstanding 2D Animations in Unity3D

How to Get Started with Unity3D – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Unity3D is a game development engine originally designed with 3D game making in mind, however, it is also very possible and easy to create 2D games and standard applications using this engine. In this introductory tutorial on Unity3D, we will discuss how to use the UI and attach scripts to components. By the end of … Read moreHow to Get Started with Unity3D – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Unity 3D from Scratch – The Complete Series

Unity 3D from Scratch - The Complete Series

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You want to make a game but you don’t know where to start

Learning how to make your own games in Unity will allow you to bring those ideas into reality in an industry-proven, robust platform which you can download for free.

This course created by Stone River Elearning is your one-stop to become a cross-platform Unity game developer. Covering from the very basics to more advanced topics, you’ll be able to bring those awesome game ideas into reality.

Courses in this collection are also sold separately, but if you purchase the entire collection you’ll get access to future sections that we plan to add to this bundle over the upcoming weeks.

  1. Introduction to Unity 3D
  2. Hacking Game Development – Create Your First Game in Under an Hour
  3. Unity Scripting for Beginners